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American Idol, 7.21

I have changed my default icon.

To ME!

It's from a piece of pop art my friend Claire did from a photo where I am laughing, and it is designed to put you all in a good mood.

Now I'm going to talk about American Idol.

After his performance of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" a few weeks back, David Hernandez was my favourite, but then he sucked last week and he really really embarrassed me this week and I'm not surprised no one voted for him. Still, it's a shame to see him go because he was promising and probably one of the better boy singers. Certainly the only one with any sex appeal.

Now! As much as I'm glad that the show is honouring the Beatles, it really bothers me when mediocre singers butcher some of my favourite songs. Still, that's what this show is all about.

I liked Chikezie the best (which is amazing because he was one of my least favourites last week), but Jason Castro is the one I'm rooting for, because he's adorable and has the prettiest voice. David Archuleta creeps me out to the max. I hate pretty much everything about him and was actually pleased that his performance this week was a steaming pile of crap. Trying to cover not just the Beatles but Stevie Wonder too was a horrendously bad decision. I'm really afraid that he's popular with the public because he looks like a giant grinning baby, but hopefully he will continue to perform poorly and everyone will get over him.

I loathe Carly Smithson passionately, and am annoyed by the judges love of her. Her voice is ugly. She's a shouter and she has dumb facial expressions and there's something about her personality that chaps my butt. Brooke has the nicest voice but is too wholesome for my tastes. My favourite girl is actually Amanda, because she's different and quite sexy. I'm not wild about her voice, but she's a good singer and a good performer, and she seems authentic to me (her family are all bikers!). I could get to like Ramiele again but she needs to pick better songs for herself.

Overall I am unimpressed.
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