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Picspam of boys.

I was going to do a lust list picspam type thing right, but then I got distracted by all the pretty photos of James McAvoy and JGL and I spent so long with them that I ran out of time and energy, so this is kind of... shorter (and longer) than it could be? There are only seven guys included and Tom Welling isn't one of them (he hasn't done a new photo shoot for years and I am protesting this laziness by refusing to picspam him today) and Adrian Brody isn't on there because while I do adore him he looks like a big freak in most photos. Most excitingly I have included bonus faaaaace pics for slodwick.

I've been watching season 3 of Entourage, and so currently am in love with Adrian Grenier.

He's so pretty! Although I have noticed, much hotter in action than in most pics. Not everyone can be a model I spose.

Jeremy Piven. I mean like, Ari is too unbearable (although funny as hell) to be sexy, but Piven's sexiness shines through in every scene. Yum.

I've loved Matt Damon for years but watching "I'm fucking Matt Damon" a zillion times pretty much made me fall for him all over again. Any man who will so gleefully mock themselves is a winner in my book.

Josh looks like a tool in most photos but he's very lovely in this one.

Clive Owen plus bedroom eyes equals awesome.

And now for a bunch of pictures of Joseph Gordon Levitt!

He is wearing those jeans.

Porn star.

He's all wet in a suit!



More faaaaace.

He's so comfy in front of a camera. ♥

Uh yeah, I'm lookin' at you, Joe.

Hands between legs. SWEET.

Uber hotness.

And we'll finish with uber hotness plus smile.

And now for everyone's new favourite: James McAvoy!

It's worth going to this movie just for James. He is THAT HOT IN IT. *shiver*

No matter where you position yourself he's still looking at you.


He does angst beautifully.

He's a (catalogue) model!

Love this pic.

"I'm both moody and awesome in bed."

Hey, so if you can be bothered, post me some more sexy pics in the comments.
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