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Comics and me.

I spent some time on Saturday lovingly alphabetising my graphic novels and devising a new way to keep all my comics in order.

Opinions on a few comics I am reading:

Buffy S8 #12

So Buffy had sex with another slayer. A GIRL slayer! Fans of the comic/show are in an uproar because this seems to be totally OOC and hey, isn’t one lesbian per fictional universe enough for some people?

Of course Buffy is not going to become a lesbian and Joss has explained that she did it because “she’s young and experimenting, and did I mention open-minded?” Fine, but just admit it and be done with it, Joss: hot girls having sex with each other gives you a boner. Because while yeah, tons of straight girls experiment when they’re young (I know I did!), my reaction was still very much: “Huh. Really? Buffy? I just don’t see it. She wasn’t even drunk!”

Still, the aftermath was amusing.

Nightwing #142

Why aren’t I loving this at the moment? I think I miss Fabian Nicieza who did those couple of issues during the Ra’s crossover, because his characterisation was perfect and his writing was really tight, witty and engaging. After him, Peter Tomasi falls way short for me I’m afraid. His characterisation is okay (although every time he calls him Richard I die a little inside) but his storytelling is a bit weak. I do like that he gets how important Dick’s relationships are with Tim and Bruce, however.

Batman #674

I am loving Batman at the moment. See, for a while there I had not a single clue what the hell was going on, but it’s all starting to make a bit more sense to me now (thanks to this issue which explained everything!). I am a huge Grant Morrison fan: his writing is so intelligent and if the story so far has been somewhat inaccessible I do trust that the pay off will be well worth it. I love Tony Daniel’s art a lot too. YAY!

Detective Comics #842


This comic sucked.


I have been having dirty fantasies about Bruce and Dick again. Do you think I should write them down in story format? I feel a bit disconnected from fandom and fic writing at the moment and I feel like writing porn would be silly. EEP. I also have chronic insomnia and I'm all out of sleeping pills. I'm stressed out about everything and I don't know what to do about it. I need a second job. I need someone (preferably an attractive boy) to show an interest in me. I need some sleep.
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