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I love James McAvoy.

I just got my teeth cleaned for fifty quid, and now they look like this:



"Smallville" got renewed. Mostly I am apathetic about it, and still unsure whether I can watch a season without Lex, but LaT managed to excite me a bit this morning with her crazy YAY SMALLVILLE post because she is sure that it being the last season means it will be the best season ever.



"Friday Night Lights" will probably not get renewed which is a fucking tragedy.


"The Wire" finshes on Sunday for good, and I am already preparing to go into mourning. I am all caught up with it now, and have a couple of things to say (cutting for spoilers):



I guess I knew he wouldn't survive the series, but goddamit David Simon! Killed by a SMALL CHILD? I get it, I do, and yes it's a good point well made, but I just *really didn't want him to die* and DAMN YOU TO HELL, SMALL CHILD. At least it wasn't Snoop or Chris or Marlo. Also, this is a terrible thing for me to say but I'm really pleased Michael capped Snoop, because even though that means he's a dead man for sure it is awesome that he outsmarted his (pure evil) teacher, and even complimented her appearance before he did the deed because he's such a gent.

That last scene with Michael and Dukie parting ways was one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the entire series. God. Dukie is such a pure soul but he's destined for hell despite never doing anything to deserve it, and Michael is so fucking *bright* but he just made too many bad choices and now there's no way he will survive much longer. Simon has never pulled his punches but this season feels like the angriest, most cynical yet. :((((

It looks like McNulty is gonna go down. I actually thought he might get away with it, but I do understand why Kima feels she can't let him. What he and Freamon did was totally unethical, even if they did get their "happy ending". Still, if Jimmy is prosecuted for it, then surely Freamon has to be too.

Finally, I am very curious about the fate of Levy, because it looks like Freamon might be going after him next? And then there's the fact that Marlo's phone number came out of his office, which might still be discovered. It would actually be grimly hilarious if Levy got murdered by one of Marlo's crew.

Man, this is going to be a *cracking* final episode. Can't wait!


I am reading "The Historian" at the moment. It's a good story right, but it's starting to really get on my tits how every single character in it has a photographic memory.


Ooh, also, watching series 1 of "Life On Mars". I can't help it, I love Gene Hunt.
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