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Weeds and The L Word and Bones and some films.

I've seen so much tv/watched so many films/read so many comics/I have even read books (!) that I can't possibly tell you what I thought of everything, but here is a post with my thoughts on three things that I love. Plus a list of movies I have seen recently and a short unspoilery blurb about each:

American Dreamz: Sucked. Not remotely funny although I do like Mandy Moore. Is it cool or uncool to like her? I think it's cool to like her because she was in Entourage.
Atonement: Actually I really really liked this. Extremely clever, wonderful to look at, gorgeous score, and James McAvoy being unbearably hot. GUH.
Bee Movie: Average.
Comeback Season: Terrible (plane film).
Darjeeling Limited: Loved it! Hilarious. Plus, I have a massive crush on Adrian Brody and I'm not sure why.
Dreamgirls: Godawful. Some of the worst music I've ever heard (shame given how good the singing was) and an absolute insult to the music and era it was supposed to be based on.
Ever After: Cute. I like Dougray Scott (and his codpiece) a LOT.
Gangs of New York: Good but kind of a mess.
In The Valley of Elah: Gloomy.
Just Like Heaven: Mark Ruffulo, will you marry me? I watched this with Kirsten and we were both in floods of tears by the end. Needless to say, I am a big girl and I loved this film.
Martian Child: Another embarrassingly bad plane movie.
Michael Clayton: GO GEORGE! I would have liked him to win the oscar but that may be because I haven't seen Eastern Promises yet. As for the movie, it was kind of dreary.
Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium: Is it bad that I find Natalie Portman hard to stomach these days? Dustin Hoffman amused though and the kid was adorable.
Proof: Grim but good.
Stage Beauty: Fuck me, what a wonderful movie. Billy Crudup, will you be my bit on the side? (He looks far far better as a man than as a woman, btw.)
Sydney White: Plane movie of doom. (Liked it though)
The Assassination of Jesse James: (Another plane movie.) Fell asleep halfway through so I probably shouldn't include this on the list. Um, so. Boring?
There Will Be Blood: Everyone I know loved or liked this. Me? I hated it with the fire of a thousand suns. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHATED it. Boring and unpleasant. I can't even really put in to words how violent my reaction was, but I will say this: for me to like a movie I have to like/care about/sympathise with at least one character. This did not happen. *shudders forever*.
Things We Lost in the Fire: Solid central performances, pedestrian plot.
Wimbledon: Truly, truly awful.


I watched the first six episodes of season 2 of "Weeds" last night. SO GOOD (this and 30 Rock are my two favourite comedies at the moment). I am particularly fond of the cast, which is uniformly excellent, but special mention has to go to Romany Malco (Conrad), who I have loved in absolutely everything I've seen him in and this is no exception, Elizabeth Perkins (Celia), who I might otherwise hate if her line delivery wasn't so freaking perfect, Kevin Nealon (Doug), who is just very very funny, and Justin Kirk (Andy) because every single thing he says and does makes me laugh out loud. Oh, also, Martin Donovan! I've loved him for forever but he is hardly in anything and I'm just so happy to see him involved in something so wonderful. I am not hugely fond of Nancy even though I really like Mary-Louise Parker's acting, but I DO totally ship Nancy and Conrad because their chemistry is off the scale. Although I don't want her to break up with Martin Donovan because I like those two together too and I want him to be in lots of episodes.

The L Word

I can't help it, I am really enjoying this daft show again, probably more than anything else right now. The only plotline I'm not especially loving is the Bette/Tina one, simply because I don't like seeing what Bette is doing to Jodi, who is far more sympathetic this season than she was last. Like, I'm a fan of Bette (and of Jennifer Beals -- great actress) but she's such a NIGHTMARE. I mean, the women who love her have to put up with so much shit and it's just. Okay, she needs to break up with Jodi right now and get back together with Tina. It wouldn't make for very exciting drama, granted, but then maybe Bette could get a more comic storyline? Because she always gets the serious stuff and I know that's because Beals does that well, but she actually also does comedy very well too. In that she doesn't realise she's funny, but when they give her funny stuff to do she always pulls it off, mostly because her line delivery is very deadpan and that works.


Oh man, I love this show. I love every single main character and I love how hot, funny and charming David Boreanaz is again, and I think Temperence might be one of my favourite ever female characters which is weird because I used to not think Emily Deschanel was very attractive but now I think she's one of the most beautiful women on tv at the moment. I love the electric chemistry between Bones and Booth and I love Hodgy and Angela and their tumultuous affair, and I love Zack! Little Zack! Who is weird and cute and hilarious. And it took me a few episodes but I love Camille a lot too. Also, Sully! BRING BACK SULLY. I am fine for Tempy to have a romance with Sully because he is just that gorgeous. See, while I ship Booth/Bones (how could you not?) I don't think I want them to actually get together, because it could ruin the dynamic. Oh okay, maybe just one kiss.

So the fact that it's a run of the mill procedural drama doesn't remotely bother me! Because it's unashamedly intelligent and sexy as hell (when it's not being gross).
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