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NZ snaps.

Hello everyone!

I am back from New Zealand and super tired with jetlag. I spent my holiday watching movies and two seasons of Bones and playing with babies and drinking fine wine and putting on half a stone because food tastes so good back home that I couldn't stop eating. I am behind on The Wire, but caught up on The L Word and I still have an episode of Smallville to watch and however many House's that were on while I was away. Plus, I have many opinions to share about everything, although I may not be fucked with that, we shall see. In fact, if you want to know what I thought about anything in particular just ask and I will let you know (maybe).

Today though I think I will share a few photos from my holiday, mostly just me and my friends and some babies and a giant television.

This is me and my mum on our front porch.

These are (some of) my Mum's roses, and that's Mum and Kirsten sneaking into the photo at the back.

This is a view from our back yard. We have a big hill behind our house! Also, at this point I realised I was incorrectly resizing the photos so they are now big enough.

Our front porch.

My folks' new kitchen. Kirsten and Mum looking in the pantry for food.

LOOK AT THE TELEVISION. I was all, "SWEEEEET." And then all I did was watch movies because my mother has a huge DVD collection as well as a huge TV. Mum is eating a nectarine.

Anna and her two wee nieces, Maddy and Bea.

Kate in shorts! LOOK AT MY WHITE LEGS.

That's Kirsten and David hanging Kirsten's picture on the wall. We have all known each other about twenty years; we went to school together and this is the beginning of a very drunken, very fun night at Kirsten and Fraser's house (Fraser is K's boyf).

David and Kirsten.

Me and David

My favourite photo. We had a long discussion about who was the angel and who was the devil on David's shoulder, and apparently I have to be the devil because I have dark hair but I actually think Kirsten looks way eviller than me in this photo.

Me and my girls. Also, me in a dress, which never happens.

It was Art Deco weekend in Napier (the art deco capital of the world!) and all the oldies get dressed up and bring out their cars and it's all very neat.

This is Frankie and her mum, Linda. I won't lie, this baby made me clucky. ME. Yeah, I know, it's totally fucked up. But she is the most charming baby ever and I couldn't help myself.

Seriously, LOOK.


Now THIS is the baby of my other best friend from NZ, Rehana. That's her hubby Chris, who is the single proudest, most smitten father you will ever meet. Look at Mala's big blue eyes! She is going to break hearts when she's older.

Kirsten holding Mala.

OMG ME holding Mala.

I love this photo. They all look so happy! (That's Rehana in the background.)

Rehana and Mala

I'm not wearing a bra in this photo and it's really obvious. SORRY. it's just, I was about to get on a plane for 24 hours and I wanted to dress as comfortably as possible.

Sorry, no NZ scenery. I am a very lazy photographer.

And now we're done with that, please share your gossip with me. Have I missed anything crucial (apart from you lot, of course)?
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