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A post about film and television

I actually want to see all of the films nominated for best picture! This is unheard of.

See, at first I didn’t want to see "Atonement", but then everyone loved it so I imagine I will too. Also, I’ve loved James McAvoy since "Shameless". I’m not overly fussed about seeing "Michael Clayton", except that it’s the Cloonster and he’s always a pleasure to watch. I am cautiously up for "There Will Be Blood" because while I don’t always love PT Anderson I do consider him to be one of the most interesting directors in Hollywood right now. "Juno" sounds very much like My Kind Of Movie. And "No Country For Old Men"?

BEST FILM I’VE SEEN IN AGES. Certainly the Cohen brothers best flick since "Fargo". It is pure, unadulterated entertainment, start to finish: gripping, tense, thrilling, dark, funny as hell, (insanely violent), and just perfectly crafted. Probably not to everyone’s taste but this is film-making at its finest IMO. Also, despite not having seen any of the other nominated performances, I want Javier Bardem to win for Best Supporting Actor because he is really quite startling and I’ve never seen a performance like it.

The Wire, 5.04: Transitions

This show continues to be better than everything else ever. When I first realised what McNulty was up to a few eps previous, I thought he was totally fucking insane and bound to get himself caught and thrown in prison, but with Lester on his side I am now seeing things more clearly. They are good police who want to do the right thing (catch and convict mass murderers) and this is the *only way*. Lester is right: the ends justify the means here, they’re not actually hurting anyone, and the dept is too fucking useless to even NOTICE what they’re up to.

The return of Omar, even under such dire circumstances, is wonderful, and I’m telling you now, if he doesn’t survive the season I will be heartbroken. Nothing is certain in The Wire, but Omar needs to remain untouchable. I like to think that the stupidest thing Marlo ever did was taking on Omar. The sick, ghastly murder of Butchie – toughest scene to watch so far this season – proved yet again that Marlo and his crew have absolutely no conscience. They are evil psychopaths who enjoy killing indiscriminately, and my God do they scare the shit out of me. I’ve cared about a number of the crims on this show (Proposition Joe *sob*), but I cannot wait to see the downfall of Snoop, Chris and Marlo.

I am also really enjoying the inclusion of the media this season; it is interesting and cool and the press is such an integral part of any city that it feels very fitting to round off the series by showing how this institution works and the part it plays in every aspect of city life.

Boston Legal Season 2

I ship Brad and Denise so hardcore. I love this show (most of the time), but the only thing I wish to discuss is the absolutely awesome way in which Brad and Denise got it on. It was like fanfiction!

Brad: My girlfriends tell me that I am the worst kisser of all time.
Denise: I am your friend so I will give you some pointers. Show me what you do.

They kiss.

Denise: *gives objective advice*

They kiss again. It is extremely sexy.

Denise: Wow. You’re a fast learner.

They kiss again, it is super erotic, then they have sex on the floor.

GUH. They are both so fucking hot and funny and dorky and HOT. Especially together. I never would have guessed that Brad would end up being so sexy, because he’s so…military. How wrong I was! YAY!


I'm not going to talk about "The L Word" because it's freaking me out with its badness at the moment.
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