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If you do this poll I will see you in hell.

This hilarious recounting of her night out with a famous actor last night, by the awesome mediaville, will tickle you all I’m sure: apparently the actors we porn about DO enjoy reading our stories and often tease each other about it. TRUFAX.


Office antics...

So we’re all yapping about dyeing our hair and I’m moaning about how it’s all my parents' fault that I need to dye because they both went grey quite young and then Sharan whispers to us that she has one white pube and I say really loudly:

“That’s one thing I don’t have: A WHITE PUBE.”

Student walks in at exactly that moment.

Me: “Hi.”

Student: *embarrassed/amused*

All four of us: LOLOLOLOL.

I have excellent timing.


Here is a tasteless poll inspired by a convo I had with radioreverie yesterday and it’s about Tom Welling, but also it will show me how much of a cynic you are.

Tom has been married to his cute wife (Jamie) since 2002; he was 25 when he got married, and he is a notoriously private person so obviously your answers on this poll will be entirely speculative. Please bear in mind that he is insanely hot and undoubtedly gets a lot of offers.

Does Tom cheat on Jamie?

No. He is completely faithful to her, and will continue to be faithful to her for the rest of their lives.
Not yet. But he will some time in the future. He's a guy after all!
Yes, he cheats regularly (but he is very discreet).
He's generally faithful but if he ever strayed he would feel simply terrible about it.
No, but she cheats on him all the time.

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