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Is Lex an idiot?

I cannot get my head around a future Lex, with everything he’s seen in Smallville, that *doesn’t* know exactly who Superman is. He would have to be so monumentally stupid to not have worked it out right? And my Lex is no fool. Therefore, it is my personal canon that future!Lex knows Clark’s “secret” but keeps it, because it makes him feel special and it gives him something over Clark. (Hence why in my future fics, he always knows. In case any of you were wondering.)


I am very sad about Heath Ledger's death, but the latest lol_meme post quote did make me laugh.

Maybe I just needed a laugh?


Speaking of which, I loved this article in the Metro this morning:

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity – but the star of the new Halifax adverts may disagree.

Thomas Yau, 25, swapped his day job at a Halifax call centre for sun and sand in South Africa where he shot the all-singing, all-dancing ad.

He claims people 'can't help but smile' when they see the commercial, but irate viewers disagree and have launched a campaign to get it banned.

Almost 3,000 people have watched the one-minute clip – which features a reworking of the song I'm Into Something Good – on YouTube and have let their feelings be known.

One viewer wrote: 'This is probably more annoying than I'd imagine it would be to be tied to a chair and Lenny Henry tickle you with a feather duster for about 12 hours.'

A poster on BritishChineseOnline added: 'I saw it on telly and hung my head in shame and disbelief.'

Social networking group Facebook also features groups in which people can express their hatred.

The ad includes a cameo by Howard Brown, the 'star' of previous Halifax promos, who is slated as well.

But Steve Griffiths, head of marketing at Halifax, defended Mr Yau, from Yorkshire.

He said: 'Thomas was particularly good at auditions and we're delighted with the result.'

I personally find the ad to be a work of genius.


PS. Thanks for all the cuddles yesterday. It meant a lot. ILUALL. ♥
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