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It's hard to be a fangirl! Plus American Idol, WHOO.

I am sick and tired of seeing (the occasional) OTW supporter comparing being a fangirl to being gay, female or a PoC. Even if a fan does feel persecuted by non-fans, because the non-fans don’t understand that underage Harry Potter fan-art has nothing to do with paedophilia, it is NOT REMOTELY THE SAME OH MY GOD. Fannishness shouldn't be struggle! And if it is, you're doing it wrong. Basically, if you, Fangirl A with a desperate need to be accepted (admired?) by the outside world, feel discriminated against I am going to LOL AT YOU SO HARD. You’re a big dork. Own it or stfu.

Did you see that we got some representation in the first round of American Idol? Star Wars Fangirl, who wasn’t remotely embarrassing or a freak, no! LOLOLOL.

Come on, people. That sort of behaviour will NEVER be legitimate or normal or respected by anyone outside of fandom. And don't be fooled. SHE'S ONE OF US. [Simon’s face…lolololololol]

Speaking of which!

I have managed to somehow avoid watching American Idol since its inception, even though I love Simon, but then end of last year I became hooked on The X Factor within five minutes of watching it, so I am now a shameless fan of these sorts of shows. Yesterday in the office, Annette says “American Idol starts on TV tonight,” and I literally clapped my hands and jumped up and down and whooped with joy.

Even better was that between the first two episodes they showed a documentary from a couple of years ago called “Simon Cowell: American Idol” which was an hour of Simon behind the scenes being awesome and funny. :)


I just don’t get, like, okay, you know that weirdo chick with the blue lipstick who sang that Grace Slick song “Somebody To Love”? Simon said no, but was perfectly nice about it, and Paula and Randy weren’t any nicer than he was, but afterwards she totally flipped out about how Simon treated her! It was odd (and very, very embarrassing).

Yeah, I really don’t like these shows for the early rounds with all the freaks auditioning. I find it way too cringe-worthy to be funny (although Star Wars Fangirl cracked me up, for obvious reasons) and it genuinely bothers me that so many talentless fucks think they can actually sing. I am here for the odd glimpse of genuine talent, and for Simon, and for the occasional heart-warming moment.

What else. Oh yes. The 23 year old girl who has never seen an R-rated movie and was proud of that? NO POINTS. I have never wanted to corrupt someone so much in my entire life.
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