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Ugh. I feel like crap today.

I'm thinking it might be nicotine withdrawals? It's been two and a bit weeks now and I've been on a total health kick and feeling good, and I've not been around anyone sick, so... surely I'm not getting sick for real right? Ex-smokers, is this normal? I tried finding info on the net but it's all about what happens in the first week and stuff.

If it's withdrawals then I'm okay with it because it means my system is just flushing out all the toxins, and soon I will feel better than ever.

It's good to be an optimist!


Also, if I'm going to buy my mum an awesome book that she hasn't read (she reads more books than anyone I know), what should I get her? (I'm thinking I might buy her the first book in astolat's series, and then I can read it too. Good plan: Y/Y?)
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