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It's a small world.

Thank you anon, for my virtual pint o’ guinness! I am going to drink again for the first time since NYE tonight, so your timing couldn’t be more perfect. <3


Happy birthday tommychivs! I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight.


Nightwing #140 upset me. I think it was meant to make me happy (lots of Bat family interaction) but I couldn’t get past the fact that Dick kept calling himself Richard. WTF. That’s like me calling myself Katherine just because it’s on my birth certificate, even though I’ve been Kate since the DAY I WAS BORN. Katherine is not my name, Kate is! And Dick’s name is Dick and I don’t understand why he is suddenly thinking of himself as Richard and, god, *introducing* himself as Richard. :((((((

ETA: the person who posted scans from this issue on scans_daily said there were "obvious reasons" for this. Can someone please explain what they mean by that?


Going comics shopping yesterday was cool though because I want to Gosh! and was downstairs trying to find the last three issues of All Star Superman (because it is the best comic ever) and they didn’t have it (boo!) but then I was heading back upstairs and someone called my name. I turn around and this guy I vaguely recognise is looking at me and his name is Tristan and I went to SCHOOL with him in NZ and now he works at gosh! and because of that I got a discount. WOOOOT.

After that I headed to Comicana even though it was raining and the guy there was really sweet and helpful and he made me buy #9 of All Star Supes even though I don’t have 7 and 8, because it’s the “best thing you're reading right now” and it stands alone. He also made me buy a trade of The Invisibles because it’s also Grant Morrison and it’s apparently essential that I read everything Grant Morrison has ever written. And then he asked me if I wanted to see his comics on myspace.


I am really loving Katie Holme’s look at the "Mad Money" premiere. She looks freaking sensational:

The hair style does it for me a lot.

It's weird. She's like a billion times more attractive than Tom.
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