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Poll results; The L Word, 5.01: LGB Tease

I have updated my bio. It is now succinct and sexy and to the point.


Nicole Kidman is pregnant, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt (as far as I'm concerned) that Tom Cruise is not the father of Katie Holmes's baby. I am strangely delighted about this.


I guess all the Bandom people on my flist (and I know they exist because I have to skip their posts) filter me out, because in yesterday’s poll, Bandom didn’t get ONE SINGLE YES VOTE. Hahahahaha classic.

Also, if my flist is anything to go by, not many people care about OTW, Bruce/Dick is awesome and Sam/Dean isn’t. *WINS*

Shockingly, we all love to masturbate. Except for a couple of you are in two minds about it. o.O

People either love threesomes or feel unsure about them (and 1 person doesn’t care about them at all). No one is against them.

Finally, ninjas are better than pirates. But you already knew that.


The L Word was… weird? I’ve always enjoyed Jenny despite her being annoying, but wow, last night she was unbearable. I know this was the point, and I assume she will not continue to be so obnoxious, but I found her scenes painful to watch. LOVED it when her assistant quit. My question is this though: since when have writers had *any power whatsoever in Hollywood*? I’m finding this movie plot so retarded, because why would Jenny suddenly be in this position? I thought she sold the rights to her book? I’m no expert on how things work in the movie business but this story is at odds with everything I have ever seen/learned/heard/known. Frankly, it’s ridiculous, and not funny enough for me to not mind.

Also, how come Tasha was able to come back? Again, I don’t know much about how the army works, but I am pretty sure you don’t get a choice in these matters.

Where is Papi?! I loved her!!! Last we saw she was taking Kit’s lesbirginity and now she’s nowhere to be seen. *SADFACE*

Helena made a hilarious prisoner, and the scene where Shane, Alice and Tina visited her in prison was very amusing. I am also enjoying Tina a lot more these days. She looks sensational and I like how she is still totally gone on Bette. I don’t necessarily want those two to get back together though, because their helplessly lusting after each other is so much more entertaining.

Cybill Shepherd is a scream as Phyllis, as is Jane Lynch as Joyce.

Anyway, still love you show, but I'd appreciate it if the writers would stop smoking crack. Thanks.
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