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2007 Fic Meme.

I am going to do that meme, even though I only wrote 12 stories last year. Because I can!

Total list of Stories


Sleeping With The Enemy
The Last Word
Clex drabble: Somebody Save Me
Seule et Amoureuse
Clark in Charge
(Four ficlets, 3 SV, 1 dS)
Let It Snow




Correctional Measures


Best story: "Seule et Amoureuse, AKA 5 Times Lana Lang Got Thoroughly Laid". What can I say, it’s a triumph.

Favourite story: "Let It Snow". Although that might be because my latest story is always my favourite.

Story Most Underappreciated by the Universe in My Opinion: I guess I’ll go with my one foray into Heroes fandom -- "Normal" -- because I think it’s pretty good and it didn’t get many comments.

Most Fun Story: It’s either "Lick" (Clark going down on Lois and the two of them being daft, sexy and amusing!) or "Sleeping With The Enemy", which I like a lot because it’s a Clark POV fic and he’s always a delight, but mostly because it’s got the most farcical sex scene I’ve ever written in it.

Sexiest Story: UM. That’s a tough one. "Surveillance" maybe? Clark shagging everything that moves? Yeah, that’s pretty sexy. Or "Let It Snow".

Story with single sexiest moment: Ack! I have no idea. I’m all about the sexy results, so picking out moments is difficult.

Story with single sweetest moment: "Let It Snow", when Lex tells Clark he’s always loved him, whilst Clark is fucking the shit out of him. SO SWEET.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: "Seule et Amoureuse" for sure. It’s a rather intense character study of Lana, which permanently changed the way I felt about her. It made me love her actually, which anyone in SV fandom will tell you is a rare and peculiar thing. Plus, the Clark/Lana chapter which rounds the fic off is the most tragically romantic thing I've ever written and that totally changed the way I felt about the pairing. Clana is so loathed throughout SV fandom that I'm still astounded I managed to make it as moving as I did. *pleased*

Biggest Disappointment: N/A

Biggest Surprise: "Seule et Amoureuse". I can’t believe the response it got and I’m just delighted. I never imagined a story about Lana would end up being so beloved.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: Haha. "Correctional Measures"? Yeah, now you know I like chan and spanking.

Hardest story to write: "Trapped". It was for Super Porn Sunday, and I left it to the last minute and the whole thing was just a giant struggle, and then I posted it late.

Easiest story to write: I believe I wrote "Sleeping With The Enemy" in one sitting.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: Clark topping is this year’s theme, and that’s probably demonstrated most in "Surveillance", because he has sex with everyone and he tops all of them. Also, "Clark in Charge", just because of the title.
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