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a few random things...

I think Ryan Reynold’s six pack looks unnatural—implants?—and I find him physically repulsive.


I think it’s a travesty that Britney’s sixteen year old sister is pregnant (and keeping the baby) because clearly she is genetically incapable of being a decent mother.


I have the holiday blues for the first time in my life. I want to be at home (in NZ) with my family but I couldn’t afford the flights (I’m now going in February) so I am spending xmas with two of my flatmates instead (who I really like but they’re not close friends). It sucks being alone at this time of year and normally I wouldn’t notice but it seems that all my friends are now coupled up and I feel old and I have no one to buy presents for and this will be my first ever Xmas without at least one really close friend to share it with. :(


On a more amusing note…

Remember how I told you that I watched the first episode of “Age of Love” and how it was completely appalling? Yeah, I watched every single episode after that, including the final which was on last night. *ashamed*

The series was both dire and thrilling, and it really tested my embarrassment squick, but still, I feel the need to write some commentary on it. MY APOLOGIES.

Mark chose who I thought he was going to choose (I predicted it in about episode 2): a deeply insecure, needy 25 year old called Amanda, who did seem to be genuinely in love with him (why, I do not know). I checked wiki at the end of the episode to find out whether the "relationship" lasted. Shockingly, Mark is apparently now single. "You mean it wasn't true love?" I hear you all asking in bewilderment. Ha! From the beginning it was pretty obvious to me that Mark was doing it for the money, and while I do believe that Amanda had developed real feelings for him (why, I do not know), I never got the sense that he was genuinely interested in any of the women (beyond physical attraction).

With regards to the concept, the fact that Mark was far closer in age to the women in their 20s than the women in their 40s (he’s 30) made it the *dumbest social experiment of all time*. The question the show was supposedly asking was: does age matter? As in, could a man who normally dates younger women fall for an older women? But what they were *really* asking is: does a large age *difference* matter? Which is not the same thing at all. Of COURSE he’d never choose Jen (the 48 year old who made it to the final) because even though he liked and fancied her, there was an age difference of EIGHTEEN YEARS between them (she has a son only five years younger than Mark for pete’s sake!). Compare that with the age difference between Mark and Amanda (five years) and explain to me how Mark’s final choice proves that “age does matter” or the far more insidious thing they seemed to be implying: “younger is better”.

The show also totally lied to us about who some of the older women were. Jen (the finalist) was presented to us as the Executive Assistant for the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, but in fact, she “worked as a Hawaiian Tropic swimsuit model, a makeup artist, a songwriter, a spokesmodel for Amore Fashion. She also markets her own glamour calendar and has appeared in Playboy.” Her online resume doesn't even mention her ever working as an executive assistant!

Best of all, my favourite of the 40s, Maria (who we were told was a photographer), is actually a working actress called Maria Rangel, and guess what! SHE WAS IN AN EPISODE OF DUE SOUTH. (She played Anita Cortez in “The Edge”.)

Suddenly it becomes clear why all the older women were so hot. They all work in the entertainment industry! And now I’m starting to wonder if the whole thing was a fake. (Not that I care. I loved every disgraceful minute of it.)
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