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SV S4!

Okay, so maybe the show is about to fall apart around me, but seriously? I'm really enjoying season 4. It's true that I'm a deeply shallow individual and when the pretties are as pretty as they are in SV, it's easy as pie to overlook problems. 

But when they give me episodes like Bound, which had a fucking stupid ending I'll grant, I'm a happy SV camper. Lex getting busy in an elevator is hot. Lex having sex is hot. Lex is hot. Finding out that Lex fucks women heartlessly, like, *all the time* is funny AND hot. Clark getting jealous because of all the beautiful women who look just like him that Lex is fucking is cute (and hot). Lex and Clark sharing a ton of scenes together and gazing at each other with big devoted eyes is totally gay. And hot. Jensen Ackles is hot. Lex is such a bad, bad boy and you know, if he wants to fuck me and send me a pair of diamond earrings afterwards and then forget my name, I'll deal with it (because he's hot). All in all, I'm pleased that SV has finally acknowledged that Lex is HOT and that girls would totally fucking stalk him and love him and it's not ALWAYS going to be about using him for money.

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