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Fic: Let It Snow 2/2

...continued from Part One...

Being downstairs is a welcome respite from the tainted bedroom, although it can’t be denied that the restaurant feels kind of…cozy.

There are candles and red tablecloths on every table, and it’s toasty warm. Miss Rose seats them in the corner, as if she wants to give them some privacy or something, and before Clark has a chance to protest, she’s pouring red wine into their glasses.

“On the house, boys,” she drawls, winking at Clark lasciviously. “Get you in the mood.”

“In the mood for what?” Clark asks, but she’s already got her back turned, and Lex is watching her retreating body with a raised eyebrow.

Lex takes a sip of the wine. “It’s terrible,” he says, without surprise.

Clark has a taste but doesn’t find it offensive. He shrugs. “I like it.”

“You would,” Lex deadpans.

“That’s because I’m not a snob,” he says pointedly.

“True,” Lex nods. “You’re a philistine.”

Clark grins. “How were we ever friends? We have nothing in common.”

“Hm. We have some things in common,” Lex murmurs into his glass, before taking another sip. “We both like to win.” The way he looks up at Clark when he says that makes Clark shift in his seat, the memory of what they were doing less than an hour ago suddenly at the forefront of his mind.

Oh no. He’s getting turned on again, just from thinking about it. They need to change the subject.

Fortunately Miss Rose is back at their table, grinning at Clark spookily which has the fortuitous effect of swiftly softening his penis.

“Fresh food’s a problem today, boys, as I’m sure you can appreciate. Spaghetti okay with you both?”

Clark nods at her. “That’d be great,” he says, looking over at Lex to find him nodding at her as well.

As they wait for their food, Clark fidgets with his napkin and tries to watch Lex without being noticed. This doesn’t work very well because Lex’s gaze on him is unwavering, if difficult to read.

“Do you remember Amy?” Lex asks, so out of the blue that Clark blinks in surprise.


Lex chuckles. “Imagine the money she could have made with her invisibility potion of power.”

“It wasn’t Amy with the potion, it was her crazy brother.”

“I thought Amy was the crazy one,” Lex says with a frown.

“I think they were both crazy.”

Lex’s pleased smile makes Clark laugh.

“Good times,” Clark quips.

That kicks off the reminiscing, which turns out to be a lot more fun than Clark would have expected. They wisely stick to talking about things that happened in the first few years of their friendship. Or rather, things that happened while they were still friends. And they both completely avoid any mention of Lana.

The spaghetti arrives and is surprisingly tasty, although Clark, for probably the first time in his life, finds that he’s not all that hungry anymore. His appetite had abruptly disappeared a few minutes before the food had arrived, when Lex had stretched his legs out under the table and one of his feet had touched Clark’s.

Clark feels like he should move his foot away and stop this foolishness once and for all, but it’s turning him on too much, so instead of moving away, he occasionally shifts his leg so that his ankle brushes against Lex’s calf. On one occasion, it even makes Lex’s eyelids flutter.

They talk less while they eat, and Clark feels increasingly tense. Or more…wound up and restless. He’s squirming a lot, which is terrible behavior really, but he can’t stop moving and he can’t seem to stop feeling horny. Most alarming of all, he can barely even eat.

“Can you pass the salt?” Lex asks. Is it just Clark’s imagination or did that sound like the dirtiest question ever?

Lex takes the salt out of Clark’s hand slowly, letting his fingers linger on Clark’s skin.

They’re really flirting with each other now, so blatant that there’s simply no denying where this is headed, which scares the crap out of Clark. Although it’s not so scary that Clark wants to stop.

“You remember that time I came to visit you and you suggested we go for a walk in the woods?” Lex asks, putting down his fork, wiping his mouth with his napkin, and taking a sip of wine.

Clark squints at him. “I need more information.”

“It was a warm day and you were wearing jeans and a blue t-shirt.”

Clark raises an eyebrow at him. “Oh of course! How could I forget.”

“We were walking down by the stream.” Lex pauses and smiles, a little secretively. “You tripped.”

Oh God.

“You tripped over a tree branch and fell face first into the stream.”

“Yeah,” Clark says grimly. “I remember that.” He’d been so embarrassed. “What’s your point?”

“You were all…” Lex is shaking his head from side to side and looking dreamy. “…wet.”

“That’s because I fell into a stream,” he explains, although he’s starting to wonder where Lex is going with this.

“The front of your jeans, your t-shirt, even your hair. You were drenched.”

“Yes, Lex. I do remember.”

“You looked really…” Lex pauses to swallow, lick his lips, stare at Clark’s mouth. “…good.”

Clark responds to that with an involuntary body spasm and a shove of his leg, but Lex just presses back, calf to calf, and continues to stare at Clark intently.

“What?” Clark breathes out, shocked at how forward Lex is being, even though it’s patently obvious what’s going on between them.

“We went back to the house after that. You dripping wet, me…”

“Laughing your ass off,” Clark reminds him.

“You were laughing too! Eventually.”

Clark had sulked at first, it’s true. But Lex couldn’t control himself; he kept cracking up every few minutes or so, and it had been too infectious for Clark to stay moody. Lex has never really been much of a laugher.

“But…” Clark starts, knitting his brow and looking quizzically at Lex. “If you thought I looked good, why were you laughing at me?”

Lex looks off to the side with a small smile, then back at Clark. “What on earth could I have done except laugh, Clark?”

Clark can think of a few things.

“When we got back to the house,” Lex continues, “and you went upstairs to get changed.” He shuts his eyes for a long moment, as if savoring the memory. “I wanted to follow you.”

Clark smiles at him knowingly. “Why?” he asks.

“To be perfectly honest, I just wanted to,” Lex stops. He’s very good at pausing for dramatic effect, and it’s beginning to drive Clark a bit crazy. “I wanted to watch you get changed.”

“That’s all?” Clark says doubtfully. “You just wanted to…watch me get changed.”

Lex taps his lip with his index finger and shifts his leg, sending another jolt of arousal through Clark’s body. “Ha,” he chuckles softly. “It’s possible I wanted…more. But I would have been happy with that.”

Clark nods, breathes, moves his leg and feel’s Lex shudder against him. “So this was when I was fifteen years old then,” he says, a little teasingly.

Lex laughs and spreads his hands. “Which is why I would have been happy with just looking.”

“Imagine if you had followed me up to my bedroom.” Clark says, shaking his head and trying to picture it. “I probably would have freaked out.”

Lex grins. “Hence my decision to wait downstairs.”

They both laugh. And they both move again, against each other. Clark is slouched quite low in his chair now so he can press the whole of his lower leg against Lex’s, and he’s got a massive erection, which, given their location, is seriously problematic. He has no idea how he’s going to get rid of it, but he has to somehow, because he really doesn’t want to be in this restaurant anymore and he can’t walk out of there like this.

“Are you going to finish that?” Lex nods at Clark’s plate without taking his eyes of Clark’s face.

“No,” Clark replies. “I’m full.”

“Me too.”

Clark is so turned on now he’s finding it hard to keep his eyes focused.

“Shall we head back upstairs?” Lex asks, voice a whisper, lips stained with wine, breathing shallow.

Clark gulps and feels his body tense up with embarrassment. “I might need a minute,” he says. He cannot stand up right now.

Lex doesn’t respond for a long time. Instead his breathing quickens and he swallows a few times as if his mouth is dry. Eventually he speaks. Or rather, he whispers. “It’s dark in here.” Another swallow. “No one will notice.”

Clark glances down at his lap then back up at Lex, grimacing. “It’s pretty obvious,” he whimpers.

“Oh fuck,” Lex hisses. He’s got his wallet out and he’s putting money on the table, and he’s pushing his chair out. “You and me both, Clark. Come on. Walk as fast as you can.”

Clark blinks several times and stands up. He can’t help looking down at Lex’s crotch and yeah. Lex has exactly the same problem. He’s also not wearing any underwear.

Oh God, that’s not a good thing to be thinking about at a time like this. He can feel a wet patch forming where the head of his cock is rubbing against his pants. If only Lex knew about his powers; he’d whip them both upstairs in an instant and then they’d—

No, he can’t think about that right now. Bad Clark.

He turns around and scans the restaurant, because the worst thing that could happen right now would be for Miss Rose to stop their escape by forcing them to converse with her in the middle of the restaurant, which is completely packed with people.

“Go,” Lex urges from behind.

He x-rays the far wall and sees that Miss Rose is in the kitchen, possibly flirting with the massively overweight chef. Clark deliberately doesn’t listen in because even though he knows it would be a good idea to calm down, he also doesn’t want to spoil the mood.

They stride through the restaurant and Clark keeps his eyes in front of him. They make it out unscathed and hurry up the stairs.

At their door, Clark fumbles with the keys. It’s incredibly hard to concentrate on opening the damn door with Lex standing so close behind him, his warm breath tickling Clark’s neck. Clark holds back a moan and lets them inside.

When he stops at the foot of the bed and turns his body about ninety degrees, Lex slows down and slides past him, facing him, his body brushing against Clark’s as he goes. It makes Clark put a hand on Lex’s upper arm to guide him. Help him move past, follow him. Breathe on him.

Lex walks backwards, his fingertips on Clark’s chest, Clark following him around the bed, both hands now on Lex’s arms.

They circle each other once, staring, then finally come to a halt with Clark’s back to the bed, his calves and thighs touching the side of it. They both drop their hands to their sides and stare at each other.

Clark feels uncertain about what he’s supposed to do now, although his cock seems to have some ideas. If it could speak, Clark suspects it would be telling him to rip off Lex’s clothes immediately, but it can’t speak and Clark would like to think he’s still in control, so he just waits instead.

Lex is panting a little and his eyelids are drooping but he’s clearly not tired. He’s motionless and then…he’s not. He reaches up towards Clark and begins to undo the buttons on his shirt.

“Lex,” Clark murmurs.

“Clark,” Lex replies.

He pulls Clark’s shirt free from his pants and undoes the last couple of buttons then opens it wide. He places his hands on Clark’s chest and slides them down over his belly, then up, up, over his shoulders, pushing at the shirt, sliding it down his arms. It falls onto the bed behind Clark, and that’s when Clark decides to stop being passive.

Grabbing Lex’s face in his hands and drawing him forward, Clark bends and tilts his head and kisses Lex briefly on the mouth. Oh God, should he have done that? He pulls back so he can study Lex’s reaction.

Lex is swaying towards him, as if he wants to be kissed again which Clark takes as a good sign. This time he wraps his arms around Lex and when he kisses him he uses his tongue. As they kiss Lex rubs his erection against the space between Clark’s hipbone and groin. And when they part, Lex works frantically at getting his own shirt buttons undone.

“Take off your pants,” Lex tells him, shrugging off his shirt and pulling at his belt. But it’s an unnecessary command, because Clark already has his fly undone.

They undress as speedily as possible, flinging clothes away, kicking shoes off, tugging off their socks, and when they embrace again and fall onto the bed, they’re both completely naked.

It feels different being naked with Lex this time, which Clark supposes is only natural. Because this time they’ve clearly made the decision to have sex with each other, whereas a few hours ago it had just been a game.

They’ve switched positions too, with Clark on his back and Lex straddling him, his hands grasping Clark’s cheeks, kissing him deeply, almost feverishly, and rutting against Clark’s belly.

Lex’s tongue moves inside Clark’s mouth, licking Clark’s tongue, his teeth biting Clark’s lips. Clark can feel the need in Lex’s kiss, and it occurs to him that Lex might not have sex very often either. It also occurs to Clark that he really shouldn’t be doing this at all because it’s too risky.

The last time he’d had sex had been with Lana and the only reason he’d agreed to it was because she was invulnerable. The time before had also been with Lana and the reason they’d been able to is because Clark wasn’t invulnerable.

Which begs the question -– why now? Why is he fooling around with a human whose bones he could accidentally snap like a twig if he lost even a fraction of his control.

Lex sucks on his neck, rubs one of his nipples with his thumb.

Clark can do this. It’ll be like when he played football. He just won’t use his powers. Easy.

Lex is mouthing Clark’s collar bone and gripping Clark’s head with one hand, sliding fingers over Clark’s lips with the other. Clark laps at the tips of Lex’s fingers, runs his hands up Lex’s back, over his neck, one hand over his head.

Then he bends his head down and rests his lips on the top of Lex’s head, kisses him gently.

It makes Lex freeze. Clark does it again, kissing Lex’s scalp, light touches with his fingers. Kissing him and petting him and causing Lex to lose the ability to do anything but submit to it. It seems that the skin on Lex’s scalp is ultra sensitive, and that he’s not used to being touched or kissed there, and Clark really, really likes that.

He kisses and caresses Lex’s head, all over. “Does that feel nice?” he whispers into Lex’s ear, licking the lobe, licking inside.

“Yes,” Lex whispers, sounding helpless.

Now Clark knows what he wants to do. He rolls them over until he’s above Lex, and he continues to kiss him. His forehead, his cheeks, his nose, his lips, his chin.

Has anyone ever made love to Lex?

Clark doesn’t want to think about what sex between Lex and Lana was like, but if Clark’s recent session with Lana is any indication, she’s not really into tenderness anymore. Is that Lex’s doing? Because she hadn’t been like that those first few times with Clark, years ago.

Has anyone ever kissed Lex all over, touched his silky skin and loved the way it felt, tasted him, cherished him, made him feel adored? Did Lana make Lex feel like that? Helen? Desiree? Victoria? All those faceless, forgettable women Lex gave diamonds to then never called?

Clark doubts it.

The way Lex is writhing on the bed, as Clark licks, kisses, nibbles and fondles; eyes shut and breathy moans escaping from parted, wet lips; he looks like he’s in heaven, and that’s confirmation enough for Clark.

Clark swirls his tongue around Lex’s naval, sucks on the flesh of his belly, runs his hands all over Lex’s chest. Then he feels Lex’s cock bump his chin. He looks up and sees Lex gazing down at him, and he abruptly stops what he’s doing.

Until this moment Clark hasn’t considered just how inexperienced he really is.

He swallows and stares into Lex’s eyes. “I’ve never been with a guy before,” he admits, feeling foolish.

“I didn’t think you had,” Lex replies, stroking down Clark’s cheek with the back of his index finger, then sliding his thumb over Clark’s bottom lip.

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“You’re doing fine, Clark. Better than fine.”

“Is this your first time with a guy?”

Lex smiles that little smile of his that is both layered with meaning and impossible to read.

“It’s my first time since I was a teenager. It’s my first time with someone I—”

Clark licks the head of Lex’s penis, stopping him from finishing his sentence. Kind of a relief really because Clark isn’t sure he can handle hearing what Lex was about to say.

“What should I do?” Clark whispers hoarsely, then suckles on the salty cockhead like it’s a lollipop as he looks into Lex’s eyes.

Lex has his hand wrapped around the base of his cock and his eyes are crossing.

“Keep going, Clark. Don’t use your teeth.” Clark sucks more of Lex’s dick into his mouth until Lex lets go of himself and Clark replaces Lex’s hand with his own. “Oh Jesus fuck.”

Clark bobs his head, up and down, each time taking more inside, his mouth stretched wide. The head of Lex’s penis bumps the back of his throat.

“Oh Clark, that’s—”

He doesn’t stop. He wants to make Lex come from this. Clark had loved it when Lana sucked on him; she’d been pretty enthusiastic about it too which had been awesome, so if Lex is anything like he is, like all men must be, then he’ll probably thoroughly enjoy being brought to orgasm this way.

It’s possible Lex is close. He’s thrusting his hips up, ramming himself again and again into Clark’s mouth. Clark is crouched over him, between Lex’s bent legs, aroused but unable to touch himself because his hands are too busy. One pulling on Lex’s cock, matching the rhythm of his mouth, the other fondling Lex’s balls, and the sensitive skin behind them.

He should probably feel weird about continuing his exploration down there but it’s so exciting, and when he slips his fingers between Lex’s ass cheeks and makes contact with the puckered skin around what must be Lex’s anus, Lex shouts out Clark’s name, and suddenly Clark’s mouth is full of thick, funny tasting liquid, and Lex is shuddering beneath him. He swallows everything in his mouth with a grimace.

Clark crawls up the bed and lies on his side to watch Lex recover. He strokes himself at the same time because he’s desperate to be touched there and Lex clearly needs a minute.

He looks really sexy like this. Naked and sweaty and breathless and flushed.

“Do you want to…keep going?” Clark asks, trying not to sound too hopeful.

“Hell yes,” Lex pants.

“Good,” Clark says with a smile, reaching over and stroking Lex’s chest.

Lex turns towards him and lets Clark pull him into his arms for some more kissing.

“You taste like me,” Lex says against Clark’s mouth, licking inside hungrily and making Clark buck against him with a loud moan.

“You like the taste?” Clark asks in surprise, kissing him again.

“Yes,” Lex says simply, running his hands up and down Clark’s back.

Oh,” Clark groans, pushing Lex onto his back, then rolling him over again until he’s lying on his stomach.

As he kisses his way down Lex’s back, Lex croaks out, “God Clark, you’re—”

A messy kiss in the small of Lex’s back, then Clark slides up his body again, resting his erection in the cleft of Lex’s ass and his mouth on Lex’s ear. “I’m what?”

“You’re blowing my mind,” he groans.

Clark smiles and nibble Lex’s ear, thrusts against him gently. “I am?”

“Don’t ever stop.”


It’s an absurd promise to make but it feels like the right thing to say.

Clark moves back down the bed and spreads Lex’s legs wide, kissing the cheeks of his ass, kissing the cleft. Pulling one cheek aside and licking away the sweat from within. He spreads him properly with both hands and flicks his tongue over the little hole. Lex wails above him and pushes his ass back, encouraging Clark to continue.

So he does. He licks it and kisses it and he enjoys the way it makes Lex thrash about on the bed.

“Hold still,” he commands, gripping Lex’s hips in his hands and holding his ass cheeks apart with his thumbs. He slowly works his tongue into the hole, opening him up, sucking around it as he goes. Once he’s in as deep as he can get he loosens his grip and allows Lex to start moving again. Lex thrusts against Clark’s probing tongue, his fucking tongue, God, he’s fucking Lex with his tongue.

This is so not how he envisioned things ending up when he agreed to let Lex drive him home last night.

When he stops to breathe, panting against Lex’s ass, wiping the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand, Lex speaks. “Clark.”


“Do you want to fuck me?”

Oh God. Oh God. Fuck Lex? Does he want to do that? Put his penis where his tongue has just been? It would be a lie to say no, and Clark really hates lying.

“Only if you want me to,” he says, his voice shaky.

“There are condoms in my briefcase. And lubricant.”

Clark clears his throat and stares down at Lex’s ass, which is shiny and wet with Clark’s saliva.

They’ve come this far, and Lex has probably even done this before, years ago. He’ll help Clark through it, let him know if he’s doing anything wrong.

The briefcase is on the desk opposite the bed, next to the television. Clark climbs off the bed, strokes his cock as he walks over to the desk, then looks around at Lex, who has rolled onto his side and is watching him.

“Where?” he asks. He could x-ray all the compartments he supposes, but he can’t be bothered.

“The pocket on the right hand side.”

Clark fishes out a small bottle of KY Jelly and a box of condoms and narrows his eyes. “You come prepared,” he says, scowling at the items in his hands.

“Is that a problem?” Lex asks.

Clark turns around, frowning, and walks back to the bed, hopping on and refusing to look up at Lex. He’s still so turned on he can’t even conceive of stopping, but he’s definitely not happy about this.

“Do you do this sort of thing a lot?” he mutters, annoyed that he’s actually feeling jealous. He has no right to feel jealous.

Lex just laughs.

Clark whips his head up and glowers at him. “What’s so funny?”

“I don’t do this a lot, no. I don’t do this ever, Clark. I just…” he spreads his hands and looks at Clark sheepishly. “…like to be prepared for any eventuality.”


“Clark,” Lex says, shaking his head and stretching his arms out towards him, reaching for him. “I never for a million years expected this to happen, but on the off chance it did…I would never have forgiven myself if I wasn’t able to provide all the necessary…accoutrements. That’s just the kind of man I am. Now come here.”

Clark huffs out a sigh, crawls up the bed and cheers himself up with a few lingering, wet kisses. Then Lex rolls over again and offers his ass to Clark.

“Use lots of lube, and finger me for a while before you…do it.”

“Okay,” Clark says.

He squirts a generous amount of the thick, translucent jelly stuff onto his fingers and rubs his hands together until they glisten. He slides both hands between Lex’s ass cheeks, enjoying the way the lube makes their skin all slippery. The hole beneath the tip of his index finger is so small. How will he fit a finger in there? How the hell will he fit his cock in there?

He can only try, he supposes. And amazingly Lex opens up for him, and Clark watches his finger disappear.

“Is that okay?” he asks.

“Mm, yeah. Move your finger.”

Clark does so. The tight clench around him as he pushes in and out makes him tremble.

“You’re so tight, Lex,” he says.

“Ah, yeah. It feels good. Keep going.”

“I will,” Clark says. “You’ve done this before, haven’t you.” God, why can’t he shut up? What the hell is with this paranoid jealousy?

Lex pushes back onto his finger. “Not with you,” he gasps. “Put another finger in me.”

They both groan when Clark does it.

And now he’s got two fingers inside and the squeeze around them is even more intense.

“Like that?”

“Oh God, yes. Harder.”

Lex.” He sits up on his knees and rubs his cock with his free hand, while he fucks Lex with two fingers. Fully encased, he wiggles the tips of his fingers against the spot inside Lex that makes him jerk and gasp. Then he works another finger inside.

Lex thumps the bed with his fist and speeds up his pumping hips.

“Now, do it now. God, Clark, I need you. Fuck me now.”

Clark pulls his fingers free immediately and nods frantically. “Okay, okay. I need you too.” He picks up the box of condoms, opens it and pours them all out onto the bed, then snatches one up in his hand and rips open the packet.

He’s hardly ever even done this before. He didn’t mess up putting on the condom when he was with Lana so there’s no reason he should mess it up now. “Oh man,” he whimpers, trying to steady his hands and keep his eyes focused. He rolls it down over his cock and feels quite triumphant when it’s finally on. No tears! See, he can totally do this without breaking anything.

Lex has rolled over and is squeezing lube into his hand. “Come here,” he instructs, grabbing Clark’s cock and slicking him thoroughly. “God, you’re so fucking hot. So fucking gorgeous.”

“Are you ready?” Clark asks desperately.

“Yes. Yes. Do it.” He rolls back onto his stomach then pulls his legs up under him until he’s on his hands and knees, looking so damn inviting Clark has to squeeze his eyes shut for a moment and attempt to calm down.

He climbs between Lex’s legs, kneels on the bed and looks down at himself holding onto Lex’s hips.

Lex has gone completely quiet so the only noise in the room is the sound of Clark panting. Clark spreads Lex’s ass cheeks again and gazes at his target. It still looks impossible but Clark can remember fitting three fingers in there only moments ago, and it’s not as if Lex would let him try this if it wasn’t going to work.

He wraps his hand around his cock and guides it forwards, pushing the head against Lex’s hole gently.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he groans, pushing a little harder. “Ah, ah, oh God.” It’s going in. It’s actually going in.

And he can see it. The way Lex opens up, stretches tight around him, welcomes him inside.

Yes,” Lex gasps.

As Clark sinks in, inch by inch, he feels scared, but the pleasure is too intense to stop. “I should slow down I should slow down.” He reaches out and drags his fingers over Lex’s scalp and neck, down his back. “Oh God, tell me to slow down I don’t wanna hurt you.” He can’t stop.

He pulls out again, looks at his latex-covered cock, gleaming in the dim light. Then he pushes back inside till he’s about halfway there, and Lex still isn’t stopping him.

“Tell me to slow down,” he demands again, breathless and barely keeping it together.

But Lex just pushes back and groans long and loud when Clark’s cock goes all the way in. Deep inside, Clark holds himself there, shuddering and moaning, so loud he’d be embarrassed if his entire body wasn’t humming with pleasure. He curves over Lex with a grunt, wet chest on wet back, and buries his mouth into Lex’s throat. “Can you believe we’re doing this,” he whispers with a soft laugh.

“No,” Lex gasps back. “I really can’t believe we’re doing this.”

Clark pulls out a little, then thrusts back in with a groan. “God, I can’t believe how good this feels.” He starts fucking, in and out in a perfect rhythm; he could keep this up forever if possible. Just this, this pleasure, this incredible feeling. He sits up and watches himself pump in, out, in, out. “Tell me if I hurt you,” he insists. “Lex, tell me, tell me if I’m hurting you.”

“You’re not hurting me, Clark. I promise.”


“That’s right, come on, Clark. Come on.”

Clark keeps going for a while then has an idea. He stops abruptly, holds himself still, pulls out slowly. Lex jerks his head around and stares at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Clark says, shaking his head, lying down on his side on the bed, and pulling Lex down so his back is pressed against Clark’s chest and they’re closer. This is better. Clark hooks his hand under Lex’s thigh and lifts it up, spreading him open, allowing Clark to slide his penis back between Lex's ass cheeks, and push inside again.

“I wanted us to be more comfortable,” he explains, sinking in deeper.

This way he can arrange them both so Lex is half on his front, half on his side, Clark behind him and above him, fucking him slowly. The other benefit of this position is that they can look at each other and kiss each other while they fuck.

Clark strokes Lex’s face as Lex gazes up at him, and there’s something in his eyes, something that Clark wants to know about.

“What are you thinking about,” Clark asks him, keeping his thrusts slow and steady.

Lex stares and stares, moving just right so that Clark goes in as deep as possible each time. It takes him so long to answer Clark thinks he might have to repeat the question.

But then. “How much I’ve always loved you,” Lex says without inflection.

Clark inhales deeply, awed and afraid. He knows it’s true because it’s not the kind of thing Lex would lie about, and there was the incident at the stream when Clark was fifteen, and Lex had wanted him. He’d wanted him back then, more than seven years ago, and he still wants him now. Lex has always been openly obsessed with Clark. And he’s always wanted everything Clark’s ever had.

If that’s not love Clark doesn’t know what is.

He kisses Lex on the mouth, and embraces him tightly as they continue to move into and against each other.

Waves of pleasure pulse through Clark’s body, increasing in intensity with each thrust, the thought of having an orgasm becoming more enticing than the original plan to never stop fucking. He can’t seem to help speeding up, with Lex encouraging him in a rasping whisper, yes God yes come on Clark, I want to feel you coming inside me God so big so hard feels so good come for me Clark come for me.

Clark cries out, helpless to delay it any longer, body shuddering hard, ferocious jolts of pleasure rocketing through him, and he remembers in time to let go of Lex and grab hold a pillow instead. He squeezes it tightly, vaguely aware that it’s disintegrating in his hand but not remotely concerned about it.

He pulls himself out of Lex’s body as slowly as possible, then he falls onto his back and stares up at the ceiling, panting, and so hot he feels like he’s about to spontaneously combust. He’s not sure how much time passes but he’s soon conscious of movement beside him, so he looks over and sure enough, Lex is kneeling next to him, eyes roving over Clark’s body and masturbating.

Of course. Lex hasn’t had an orgasm for a while and Clark had totally forgotten to jerk him off while he’d been fucking him, so no wonder he needs to get off again. Clark reaches over, but Lex just says, “Don’t move,” in a breathless whisper. “Just lie back there, just like that.”

Jacking himself hard and fast, fucking his fist, and occasionally reaching out to slide his hand over the sweat-slick skin of Clark’s torso.

“Just like that—uhhh—” Lex bends over and watches himself come onto Clark. Splashes of thick, white bliss painting Clark’s body; Clark slides his hand through the mess, rubbing it into his belly and chest, eliciting a shaky, pleased sigh from Lex.

Lex falls onto his back, then looks over at Clark. “Shall we sleep now?” he asks, sounding amused and very tired.

Clark nods. “Yes please.” He shuffles over a bit and pulls Lex into his arms and they shift about until Clark is spooning him and feeling exceptionally comfortable. “Goodnight,” he whispers, kissing Lex’s cheek.

“Goodnight Clark,” Lex whispers back, his eyes already shut.

Seconds later Clark drifts off.


Clark is woken up by a bright shard of sunlight streaming across his face. He blinks in surprise and tries to get his bearings. Where is he?

The person in his arms -- Lex -- is his first clue. Oh yes, that’s right. Snowbound in a weird hotel with his ex best friend. With whom he spent much of yesterday evening having…really, truly, incredibly good sex.

Oh man, and he’s woken up with a hard-on. Will Lex want to do it again before they get out of here? Because it looks like it’s a sunny day out there today, which means going back to Smallville, back to their real lives, back to hating each other.

Clark absently runs his fingers up and down Lex’s back, feeling a peculiar mixture of horny and panicked. He wants this to never end but the end is clearly nigh.

Lex is waking up now, and kissing Clark’s chest and neck and jawline. His breath smells of sleep and his eyes aren’t open yet, and Clark wants him. He pulls him closer and kisses him on the mouth, and if Lex’s erection is anything to go by it looks like they will be having sex again this morning.

They keep it simple this time, rubbing their cocks together and making out.

“We should be able to go home today,” Clark says.

“Shame,” Lex replies.

“Yeah. I don’t want to leave.”

“We don’t have to.”

“We kind of do.”

“I suppose so.”

“Oh God oh. Are we going to—”

“What, Clark? Are we going to what?”

“Do this again, after we get back?”

Clark can feel Lex coming, spilling all over their fists and dicks, gasping out, “Yes!” And Clark doesn’t know whether that’s an answer to his question or just an orgasmic exclamation.

When Clark comes a second later, Lex kisses him through it.

“Yes,” Lex says again once they’ve both caught their breath. “I hope so.”

Lex rests his hand on Clark’s thigh for the duration of the drive home.

The end.
Tags: fic, fic: sv
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