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RESPECT TOM WELLING. He's earned it simply by being sexually attractive.

GIP. Look at my pretty new Clex icon that the very talented serenography made. ♥

Stuff happening:

1. I am in the middle of my undermistletoe story and very much enjoying myself. And seeing as I don't have much work to do today I think I will crack on with that and hopefully get them to have (more) sex, because they are both gagging for it.

2. ROBIN #169!! Shaz and I are going to go shopping at lunch (we're the only two here so plan to take an extra long lunch break) so I will grab it then. YAY. Also, I want a pair of cords.

3. I have decided to watch "The Wire" from the beginning again, and this time watch all the commentaries as well, because David Simon is a genius and the pilot commentary was fascinating. Did you know that they (almost) never use cued music? In other words, they don't try to manipulate the audience's emotions with music (this is very unusal) and instead they create an atmosphere by using music and sound that emanates from a source within the scene (according to wiki, this is called diegetic music), which is one of the reasons everything in the show feels so immediate and real. HOW COOL IS THAT.

4. I figure that by ignoring the flagging thing and the SUP thing, I won't be remotely affected by it. Although hey! All the people who hate 6A must be delighted by the sale! Right?
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