Kate (mskatej) wrote,

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toadstoolsmiles , I luff you.

Smallvile, Season 4, I luff you too. Coz even tho I'm only up to epsiode 7, I had such low expectations that I could only ever be pleasantly surprised, and fuck I love Tom Welling's smile more than life itself.

Serenity, I luff you muchly. Because you give me Nathan Fillion without a shirt and mussy hair and that's just plain wonderful sexy perfect.

Internet at home, I luff you like the sad no life drunken ho I am. I missed a birthday party for you. And it was the birthday of a guy who came to my birthday party and I don't even care coz it was half way across London and I'm drunk and can't be fucked hanging out with anyone.

I need another drink.

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