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Smallville, 7.06: Wrath

Wow. That was the best episode ever. I can’t think of a single thing I didn’t love about it. A long review from me today.

The episode begins with Lana and Clark horse riding joyously through the countryside, then BAM, Lana gets Clark’s powers. Fortunately this time Clark doesn't lose his powers in the process, because the transfer was only partial. Clearly this is so they can allow the couple to have a literally earth shattering boink fest. Finally! We not only get an explanation for why the two of them haven’t been fucking:

“You two talk about this stuff?” OMG YES! Chloe and Lana ARE actually proper girlfriends who DO talk about sex! Or the woeful lack thereof. So this is the first nod we get concerning Lana’s devotion to Clark: her unquestioning willingness to be in a sexless relationship with him. (Although, quite frankly, I think Clark’s being too cautious; there’s no reason for him to not have sex with humans. His dad did, after all. Right?)

We also get SEX. (So much for the claim that Clark and Lois can’t have sex with anyone else now that they’ve met.) And some actual bonafide sexual chemistry between Clark and Lana! I think it was last week I said that if they didn’t kiss on the lips soon I was going to be pissed. Clearly the writers are reading my blog and don’t wish to annoy me. *wins*

Lana is instantly corrupted by her newfound powers, and I think the thing I love most about that is that it shows just how special Clark is. He’s so humble and so pure, his powers will *never* corrupt him. No human being is worthy of his powers, least of all Lana, who immediately decides to use them to destroy Lex. (Well, not immediately. First she fucks Clark through the floor of course. She's a woman first, a raving psychopath second.)

How foxy is Lana when she's bad? THE OUTFIT. Woah mama. That aside, her wrath and her obsession with Lex and her devotion to Clark is entirely believable (kudos Kristin. Best performance of the episode by far). She is one passionate woman, who—as we got told tonight in no uncertain terms—has changed fundamentally and for good.

Chloe recognises the danger in Lana being powered up straight away and chides Clark for not taking it seriously enough.

Actually, Clark is chided by everyone, and they all say the same thing. Chloe, Lois, Lionel and Lex all tell Clark that Lana cannot be trusted and is not the woman he thinks she is. Lana *herself* tells him to stop taking all the blame for what she has become “so you don’t taint the image of me that you created”.

The first Clark/Lex scene.

Lex is still—hilariously—claiming that Lana loves him best. HAHA. But really, I mean, come on. I think it’s pretty obvious that Lex knows that his chances with Lana are well and truly over and the only reason he goes on about it so much is to piss off Clark. Hahahaha. I LOVE YOU LEX. It’s *all* about Clark (which we get shown far more explicitly in their second scene—two scenes! Count ‘em and squee!—together. More on that later.)

Grant is so hot I could die. I know a lot of people aren’t into him but the guy is sex on a stick. I find him so attractive. So very. Very. Attractive. And all of his scenes with Lois made me gleeful: the Famous Franks scene, the elevator scene, the “let’s sexually harass each other” scene which culminated in some gorgeously joyful macking. Oh yes. I do hope they have sex with each other before she finds out he’s in bed with the Luthors.

Martha was mentioned! HAPPY DAYS.

Okay, so then Clark finds out about Lana’s Lex room and that she’s “totally depraved.” WOOT. Fortunately he doesn’t get to Lana and Lex in time to stop the HOT LEXANA KISS.

She’s actually trying to kill him! And he snogs her.

HAHAHAHAHA. LEEEEEEEEEEX. You are too awesome.

Lana takes a short break from trying to kill Lex to snog him back, and then gets back to the task at hand.

LANA. HONEY. You might be even MORE awesome.

She’s a woman possessed! And Lex is right; she’s a lot more like him than she is like Clark. Also, Lex knows Clark a lot better than Lana does. He is absolutely right that she would lose Clark if she killed Lex (or anyone), and yet, fascinatingly, Lana does not understand this. She may not trust Clark anymore, but she does trust that love will see them through. She is wrong, of course. The final scene between them showed us that Clark has *finally* had his eyes opened to Lana’s true nature.

It is very interesting to me that Lana feels no guilt or remorse. Or understanding that what she did was wrong. To her the ends justify the means. She is prepared to do anything to protect the person she loves, and she truly believes that’s a good thing, even though the two people closest to her—Chloe and Clark—have told her quite explicitly (unusually so for Smallville. Everyone was so damn straightforward in this episode it was like I was watching a different show!) that they DO NOT WANT.

Great stuff.

I will finish my review by talking about the best Clex scene we’ve had in years. My God.

Yet again, Clark cannot pick up the phone to ask a simple question, he has to go talk to Lex face to face. He wanders into Lex’s home, just as Lex had done to him earlier, because that’s what these two do, and we love them for it.

Lex tells Clark that, ironically, he ended up with something he wanted: “Lana still has feelings for me.” He is just saying it to wind Clark up! Winding Clark up is Lex's new mission in life.


“Don’t flatter yourself Lex. Those powers made her obsessed.”

“Exactly,” Lex drawls, smiling triumphantly. He takes a few steps towards Clark, eyes fixed on his face. “And passion like that doesn’t come out of the blue. What do you think is stronger Clark? Her hatred for me or her…*affection* for you?”

Clark refuses to rise to his taunts. “She was angry.” It’s the sensible response. “But eventually she’ll move on.”

“Don’t hold your breath! The funny thing about obsession is,” Lex says, eyes boring into Clark's. “It outlives everything.” His gaze shifts, almost imperceptibly, and it’s as if he’s looking right *into* Clark. Like he’s talking *about* Clark. “Even love.” He takes a sip of his drink.

Um yeah. Lex knows ALL about obsession. Specifically he knows about being obsessed with *Clark*, and he basically just told Clark that he’s *still* obsessed with him and that he *always will be*.

Take a bow, Smallville. Take a freaking bow.
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