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FNL and Smallville

Friday Night Lights, 2.05: Let's Get It On

Now that's what I'm talking about. That was perfect, quintessential "Friday Night Lights".

It was probably around this episode last season that I realised I'd fallen hard, and I feel like I just fell in love all over again. This was one of those rare and special TV events for me: an *experience*. Where I laughed and I cried and I squirmed with pleasure and I marveled at the virtuosity on display. Not a performance off, not a single note wrong, every frame full of art and meaning and emotion. The show hit its stride again tonight, my faith is back, and I now have every confidence that this season is going to be as extraordinary as the last.


Any Smallville fans who don't have literaryll friended, you are seriously missing out. Her Smallville reviews are essential reading: hilariously funny and infectious and full of fabulous screencaps. My girl gets exactly why our show is so loveable and why so many of us can't seem to break up with it.

Ashley reviews "Lara":

One more little thing of note.

CLEX. Clex that went straight to my loins! Clex like we haven't had in many a moon.

Can't wait to bust in and manhandle Lex, get my hands on his collar, stare into his eyes and at his mouth, wish I could believe him!Clark.

Happily manhandled, staring back, making Clark's name the most erotic name in universe with the power of my voice and tone!Lex.

Smallville fandom is the best. We have the silliest, prettiest, porniest show, the awesomest meta, the greatest ever slash pairing, screeds of fic written by some of fandom's best authors, the most entertaining wank, and Tom Welling. It cannae be beat!

Now if you haven't already signed up for undermistletoe, Smallville fandom needs you. So far SGA is beating us badly and that is not acceptable. Who really wants to read about those cuddly old men having sex when we can be reading about *Superman* blowing *Lex Luthor*?



Finally, plz go and visit our comm, lana_is_ok and tell us about your favourite Lana moments. Thank you kindly.
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