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Blue Beetle, Identity Crisis and other stuff

I have too many interests and not enough time. What with comics to read, fic to read, fic to write, television to watch and livejournal to hang out on, it's a wonder I get any sleep or ever see my friends. I still haven't even managed to see the latest Friday Night Lights yet! FAIL.


I finally got around to reading the Blue Beetles that Ashley sent me recently, and you will all be pleased to know that I am now hooked. Um, jayest? The shop didn't have #18 and I hate to miss anything, so can I please borrow the last three issues off you? I will take good care of them I promise.

My favourite issue was the one with Guy Gardner in it, because he had me crying with laughter. I love it how in comics you can meet a character for the first time and within one panel you love them madly. I just wish I had a scanner so I could share the lolz.

And finally I got to read "Identity Crisis". God. Without a doubt, the most emotionally moving comic book I've read yet. It's so well written (and brilliantly drawn), that you instantly feel connected to every sinlge character. This book has serious heart. I actually still have puffy eyes today because I was reading it in bed last night, and the Father's Day chapter had me *bawling*. That is not an exaggeration. It broke me.

*cries and cries*

I was going to talk about other things, like the finale of Dark Angel (lame and unsatisfying) and the first four episodes of Boston Legal S1 (AWESOME TIMES A MILLION. James Spader FTW), but I can't be fucked.

Hey, how would you all like to tell me whether you're enjoying Heroes or SPN this season? Do those shows still suck, or what?
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