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Smallville, 7.06: Lara

I have no idea how to finish my story. It's definitely not done yet; the last line written is not a last line (last lines are very important), but I'm just. At a loss.

bop_radar I will need your beta reading skills very soonish if you are keen and able?


What a strange and confusing episode. A few things bugged me:

1. Clark has contacts in Washington. HIS MOTHER. For fuck's sake, Smallville.

2. I'm sick of Lionel acting like he's a good guy and I can't *believe* Clark *hugged* the motherfucker. I mean, yes, he is helping Clark and he did end up saving Clark but he's LIONEL and Clark should never ever hug him again.

Mostly I was just left with a lot of questions.

  • Is Lex still totally obsessed with Clark and everyone connected to him? Actually forget it, Lionel already answered that particular question.
  • Was that a sexy new prosthetic hand I saw attached to Lionel's wrist? Is there a good reason for rendering Lionel handless given that it's actually meant to be Lex's fate? What the hell?
  • Did Lana tell Clark that Lex was holding Kara captive and is that why Clark went over to Lex's place with the apparent intention of beating the crap out of him? Given that all Lana saw was Kara standing around on her own in Lex's den, why on earth else would Clark be so pissy about it if she hadn't exaggerated the truth somewhat? Well, I suppose he always leaps to conclusions when it comes to Lex, but come ON Clark, why can you never stay calm around him? Is it sexual frustration or is it just plain bad manners?
  • How did Clark get the crystal? Did he steal it from the lab or from Lex? And if he stole it from the lab, how did *he* get into the "impenetrable vault"? Did he have a key?
  • Did he even tell Kara that he now has the crystal or is he keeping it a secret from her? If so, why? If not, why didn't we see him tell her that he has it? (We didn't right?)
  • Did Lionel kill that government dude when he saved Clark and Kara? (I hope not! I like him!)
  • Is Clark planning to make himself a new Mom? Really? Like, are they SERIOUS ABOUT THAT STORYLINE?

  • Discuss.
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