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The people over at scans_daily have a tendency to harsh my buzz. Whenever I visit there they're always bitching about how much everything sucks. See, I really loved "Under The Hood", and I like Jason a whole lot (probably because he's ideal for porn), but they were all "Jason is rubbish, he should've stayed dead. Yadda yadda", and also, "Devin Grayson is terrible because she writes hurt/comfort without the comfort."

Miserable bastards.

I'm on my honeymoon with comics and haven't become very critical yet, so while yeah, I can appreciate that Devin was smoking a lot of crack when she wrote mobster!Dick, there's no denying that she loves him and understands how sexy it is when he's full of angst.

To celebrate, I made myself a new Dick icon. *BEAMS*


While I'm on the subject of comics, I think I missed literaryll's birthday. Happy belated birthday, sweet girl! Can I write some porn for you? Lemme know.


I watched the most offensive reality tv programme last night. It's called something like "40 vs 20" and it's a dating show centering around this good looking 30 year old pro tennis player, who's lonely and looking for love. It opens with seven women, all between the ages of 39 and 48, all very beautiful, all very desperate, all hoping to make him fall in love with them (whether they like him is a non-issue, obviously). They each meet him for the first time and say, "Hi! It's so good to meet you. I was born and raised [blah] and I'm [insert age here]". The camera freezes on Tennis Guy's horrified expression. (He's only ever dated younger women.) Towards the end of episode one we hear how much he's learned: "They're such great women, I totally forgot about the age thing, maybe I could even *date* someone older than me. *epiphany!*"

But then things get a "whole lot more complicated" and they unveil the *real* competition. (See, the 40 somethings all thought they only had to compete with each *other* for their man-prize. But NO.) We are then introduced to seven girls, all in their twenties, who say things like, "Well, I know I'm hot" and "Them against us? They don't stand a chance" and "Women still hunting for a man at 40? How *pathetic*." Tennis Guy is delighted.


Yes, I'll be tuning in next week.
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