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RAGE. Show! Comics.

I flipped out yesterday. I was moaning to radioreverie about how I wasn't getting emailed any of my comments and she tells me that hotmail blocks LJ emails now.


I'm not sure if this is LJ's fault or Hotmail's but I'm still not recovered from my rage and self pitying. I had to change my LJ email to my gmail account but I'm not at all happy about it. I don't like gmail. I find hotmail more aesthetically pleasing, and not confusing, and I've always used my hotmail account for fannish stuff and I like it and I hate having to change just because hotmail has decided to start sucking.

Do you think they're going to fix this problem so I can go back to using hotmail as my fannish email soon? Despite my anger I remain optimistic.



How good was the last "Friday Night Lights" you guys?



I bought comics today. I'm going to go home, have some soup, set myself up on the couch for the night and read Gotham Underground #1 and Robin #167, and then I'm going to finish reading Under The Hood (GodDAMN. Jason is such a hotass. *quivers*) and then if I have time I'm going to get started on Identity Crisis. And then I'll go to bed and dream about Batman (no really, I probably will).
Tags: batman, comics, rant, tv: friday night lights
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