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I burnt the roof of my mouth yesterday. And what's worse is, I knew I was going to do it. Because I couldn't wait five freaking minutes for my delicious duck spring rolls to cool down. I said to them: "you are going to hurt me if I eat you now. *CHOMPS*". And now I am in terrible pain.


Yes! I might not be posting much at the moment, but I AM writing, and it's going pretty good.

I have a question for my American friends. Would Clark leave a pan on the stove top? The cooker? The cook top? Or what? Help a kiwi out.


I think of Bruce as being about 6'4" but I was wondering if his height has ever been canonically confirmed. I'd also like to know how tall Dick and Tim are meant to be. Also, Tim's age at the moment. Is he eighteen yet?

I'm starting to think I can ship Dick with anyone, because he's that sexy. I mean, he even made out with CATWOMAN. And it was really hot. She was doing it to make Batman jealous of course, but *still*. Dick doesn't seem to care who he makes out with as long as they're attractive. *swoons*

It has recently come to my attention that Babs/Dinah = OTP.


I've decided to give up on "Reaper". It's not that I dislike it because I really don't; I find the characters reasonably charming and it's amusing in places. It's just that...it's kind of boring. The formula doesn't really work that well and they're clearly intent on sticking to that formula, at the expense of any interesting season wide story arcs (which I need if I'm to get invested in a show). Further, I *hate* the way the main female character is used: purely as a love interest. Which I wouldn't have so much of a problem with if the romance was in *any way interesting or believable* but it ain't. It makes it very clear to me that the writing staff consists exclusively of fanboys who have never seen a woman naked.


I inhaled the first two seasons of "Entourage" on the weekend. How have I not been a fan of this show for years? It is AWESOME. Times a MILLION. I love everything about it and I'm outraged that season 3 hasn't been released on DVD here yet.


It took me a few years to recover from the season one finale, but I'm finally catching up on "Dark Angel" season 2. I probably just should have bought it back then because of course I'm loving it. Jessica Alba is the foxiest woman on the planet and I want to be her. I love Max and Logan and I even *gasp* love Alec (that's Jensen Ackles' character for those not in the know). Is there any Max/Alec porn out there? Or Logan/Alec? It's for a friend.


I haven't been talking about "Friday Night Lights" since the season premiere, because the shine has worn off somewhat, but I am still watching and I do still love it. Matty's nurse can give him a sensual massage any time she likes thank you very much.
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