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Farewell Michael Scofield! Farewell alcoholism!

It looks like I’ve officially given up watching "Prison Break". I’ve been watching it on Monday nights here (we’re only a week behind the US) but last night I was tired and wanted an early night and didn’t even care that I was missing it. To celebrate I took it off the list of shows I watch in my bio. (Someone please let me know if Mahone and Michael become BFFs so I can start watching again.)


I haven't been drinking all month, due to an annoying stomach virus, and now I've decided that it's time to change my ways more permanently and stop being such a lush. Why? Because I have money! I *never* have money! I really had no idea how much I was pissing away each month.

Understandably I have replaced my booze addiction with a shopping addiction. This month I have bought the following:

- a large pink suitcase
- a small red suitcase
- various clothes and jewellery
- a new handbag
- a bunch of comic books

Speaking of which, "A Death In The Family" arrived from Amazon today, only Matty bought it for me on the weekend so now I have two copies. Would anyone like it? Free to a good home!


Also, do this poll.


Both hot and fugly
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