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Smallville, 7.03: Fierce

I am breathless with squee. It's like the complete opposite to how I felt this time last year; I love Smallville so much right now.

Clark and Kara

I continue to adore their interaction. Clark is basically trying to be a parent to Kara and is finding her teenage girlness predictably frustrating. Lana is so right about Clark's lack of understanding about women (although if she hadn't limited it to just the teenage variety she would have been even more on the money).

I found the scene with Kara wandering around in her knickers with a book on her head totally hilarious. Poor Clark cannot cope with her hotness at ALL, and I love how he always panics in the face of boobies. Tom is so good at comedy.


Kara has the hots for Jimmy! That rules for so many reasons.

1. It's a weirdly unlikely choice but it speaks volumes about her: she's into personality and sweetness as opposed to hunkiness. She's deep!
2. Jimmy makes her all lustful! She LUSTS after him. It's so cool seeing heat vision used in that way again.
3. He's Chloe's boyfriend which makes him a supremely complicated choice, and it opens the door to the possibility of an interesting love triangle story arc.


Because Chloe and Jimmy are a very sweet couple and they genuinely love each other, but trouble brews from a number of different directions now, the obvious attraction between Kara and Jimmy being only one of them. Jimmy now sees meteor freaks as the enemy and he *thinks* that will bring him closer to Chloe, but in fact it will do the opposite.

And while I believe that he would support Chloe if she were to tell him the truth (as would Clark and Lois), I completely understand her desire to keep it a secret: she's afraid of herself now. She's spent the last seven years witnessing mutants flip out and turn evil. What if she's next?

Poor Chloe. (I liked her a lot in this episode, and I enjoyed her scene in the DP. Of course she's going to hate Grant, who is hilariously insensitive. STILL MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM BTW.)


Oh my heart. Their reunion scene was everything I could have hoped for, and I found it really emotional. They're still doomed of course, because while they've agreed to "grow old together" Clark hasn't found out the whole truth about what she did to Lex yet, and we all know how lies always come back to haunt and ravage this couple.

Um, are they going to have sex though? Lana was clearly hinting that she was up for it with her whole "I want us to wake up and be there for each other." Perhaps with some mutual masturbation?


EEEEEEEEEE. How Lex manages to be both nice and threatening all at the same time is beyond awesome. He's like, "I'm glad you're back, please forgive me, I always loved you. BUT WAIT TILL CLARK FINDS OUT WHAT YOU DID." Great great scene.

Kara and Lex


Holy CRAP.


My heart is still thumping.

I love that Lex claims to have learned his lesson, but really he hasn't at all. His reassurances that he can be trusted are so fucking creepy that no one in their right mind would trust him, and Kara is clearly in her right mind. He also seems to be aware of that because he becomes quietly aggressive almost instantly. He knows she's connected to Clark. She IS Clark to him. All over again. And this time he's not going to bother with friendship, he's going to do whatever it takes to find out the truth.

And that last line? "Are you a saviour, or are you a warning?"


The rest of it

Colourful and fun and pretty much irrelevant! (Except for the bit about there being more Kryptonians on earth. Maybe.) YAY!
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