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When the hell did I become Bridget Jones?

Okay, first off, yesterday I spazzed out completely whilst doing a good thing. I'm posting stories on the SSA and I put Where the Heart is on there, but I call it Caught (that's the last time I post stories in bulk). This pisses me off beyond all reason because now I can't post Caught. I've let them know but I AM SUCH AN IDIOT. *hates self*

So it seems that 29 is the age when your married/engaged friends (read: my work colleagues) absolutely can't sit back anymore and watch you be single. They just have to help poor me, whether I want their help or not. God, I'm so glad I'm not easily embarrassed and that I find it more cute than annoying (for now).

Last night, Caroline, Mariana and I made an appearance at Sundowners. Now, Sundowners is a night that the school puts on for students and staff every Thursday during term time and they serve free booze (yes that's right, FREE BOOZE). Shockingly, in all my years here, I've only been once before. The idea of hanging with a bunch of business students never held much appeal for any of us, but actually, we had a really good time. Although Caroline running up to hot guys, asking them if they're single and then looking over at me meaningfully was a bit, OMG I'm fifteen years old again.

One hot guy, who I've been perving at from a distance for the last year or so turned out to be single and after Mariana and Caroline totally pimped me out to him (Kate's so pretty! Kate's so great! Don't you just wanna take Kate home?!) he shows some serious interest. This guy is *very* good looking, if a little greasy for my tastes. He's tall and has brown skin (he's Turkish) and a beautiful face and thick dark hair, and when he kissed me goodbye he said he'd like to meet up soon. And do you know what I felt?

Complete indifference bordering on disinterest.

I smile and say for sure (big lie) and get a lift home in a taxi with another guy who I'd been getting on well with for a while, who likes me a lot and who I like but don't fancy.  Pretty guys, pretty guys.... I don't know. I've been with a few in my time and in my experience? They're fucking dull. And yet the fun, cool ones are never hot. Pah.

Back at home and filthy drunk and very excited because House is on. I watch tv with Hamish and it's all good because he's a tv kind of guy. Pete, on the other hand is not. But he's seen House a few times and he joined us last night and it was all, cool yay, the family together watching my show with me. But Pete winds me the hell up sometimes because he'll be watching Lost and he'll say shit like,

"That's so unrealistic."

And this makes me completely irate and I say increasingly mean things to him, along the lines of,

"Pete, you should only ever be allowed to watch documentaries." Or I'll scream, "It's not meant to be realistic!" Or, "Sometimes it's fun to suspend your disbelief!" And I'll want to strangle him.

He doesn't get me.

I'm watching House and doing my usual squeaking and talking to the characters and crying in the sad bits and just basically worshipping Hugh Laurie and I love love love the show. And Pete's all, wtf? And I'm like,

"Look, you might think this is sad, but I actually care about these characters. They mean something to me."

And Pete says,

"I don't think that's sad."

And he means it. Because Pete is one of my bestest friends and he loves me for me.

Lazy lush, crazy fangirl, gay porn writing me. *hearts flatmates*

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