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A few important questions about fanfic.

But first!

We're picspamming at the Fandom Garden Party today. So get over there and gaze at all the beautiful people!

Also, this from yesterday is still amusing me:

Kate: I've just made myself laugh by editing my post and turning the smiley into a marquee
Kate: i think i'm over tired
Melissa: haha
Kate: he's flying!
Melissa: he's sliding across the ice

Have you ever looked at a “contains disturbing content” warning in a story header and gone, “Pfft! Whatever! I like the freaky stuff. BRING IT ON. I can take whatever you throw at me. I’M HARD AS NAILS. I bet I don’t find it remotely disturbing!”

And then you read it and it scars you for life?

Yeah. Me too. :|


Have you ever read a story without warnings and then your favourite character dies in it and it makes you sort of hate the author ‘til the end of time?

Yeah me too! And I don’t even agree with warnings!


If you really like an author then you get to know them a bit and you discover they’re an absolute cunt, does it suddenly make their writing seem horribly overrated?



Does bad porn make you squeeze your legs together and cry like a baby?

*nods sagely*
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