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Blathering about the Bats / PARTY TIME

I love all of the Bat family. I am in love with all of them to the point where I can’t decide who I love the best. Dick is so sexy and lovely and funny and Tim is so brilliant and clever and witty, and Bruce is…Bruce is just Bruce and he owns me. And I love all the girls as well. I have now met Steph and she makes me want to cuddle her forever, and Babs is my hero and Cassie is adorable.

It used to be that Forbidden Planet scared me because I didn’t understand it and there was too much going on, so I would always go in with the intention of buying myself something neat but then leave empty handed feeling dejected and like a failure.

Now it’s my favourite shop in the whole world! I’m all “I’ll take THAT and THAT and THAT!” And when I walk out I feel like a winner.



More importantly, bop_radar is hosting a Fandom Garden Party in her journal for the next week, and everyone is invited!

The introductions start today; just follow the link above. Meet new people! Advertise yourself! Make new friends! Go tell other people about it!

See you at the party!
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