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Friday Night Lights, 2.01: Last Days of Summer + The X Factor!

I won't lie, that really depressed me.

I was on board with everything up until Landry became a goddamn *murderer*. Then all I could think was, oh, so that's where the show is going this year. I mean, it's always been a soap opera but that's really taking things too far. I felt like it had gone from beautiful, subtle, slice-of-life drama about ordinary people to a teen horror movie, in the space of a scene. :((((

*cuddles The Wire*

On the plus side, the rest of the episode worked well and Lyla is a very amusing born-again.


In other news, I have become addicted to "The X Factor", a show I started watching a few days ago for the first time. It's REALLY GOOD. Every time they turn on the weepy music and a contestant tells us about their tragic life I crack up. There are so many personal tragedies on this show! "I'm doing this for my father who died." "I'm doing this for the kids I teach who are all so poor they can't afford to eat." "This is my last chance to get out of my awful job working with asbestos," etc etc. Everyone seems to be crying constantly, and I hate a lot of them, but then occasionally we get to see some singing. Most of it is uninspiring but I really love a few of the contestants: Asbestos Guy is a favourite of mine (the first one in this clip. I also like #3 because he's adorable and #6 gets points just for singing "Mandy") because he looks pretty when he cries (which is all the time). It amuses me how the contestants keep saying things like "this is the most important day of my life" and "If I don't get through to the next round it's all over for me."

WHAT? I mean really. Kids are growing up today thinking that fame via pop singing is a *realistic dream to have*. Uh no. Get a fucking real job, asshats!

PS. Simon Cowell is hot.
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