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Smallville, 7.02: Kara



See, at first I was annoyed that Chloe came up with the name Supergirl whilst bantering (STOP THAT SMALLVILLE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP IT), but then the episode proceeded to diss her relentlessly so I got over my annoyance. Lois is officially--CANONICALLY--the more talented journalist. Her prose leaps of the page like a Bengal tiger! It's absurd! It's RIDICULOUS how good she is! Because you know, it was pretty ridiculous how delighted Chloe was that Lois had apparently failed, so she got no sympathy from me when Grant Gabriel (I love him. I looooooove him.) told her that she sucks.

I like Kara. She looks perfect and she does angst well and her smile is adorable and her chemistry with Clark is lovely. (Anyone calling her a bimbo can go fuck themselves as far as I'm concerned.) How spine tingling was that scene where Clark taught her to use her superhearing? I love mentor!Clark. He's HOT. Also, Kara makes Clark smile a lot and that pleases me.

I didn't find the Lexana scene particularly tense because obviously she wasn't really going to shoot him, but I will say this: Kristin looks more and more beautiful with each passing year, and her acting has improved so much and I really *felt* for Lana when she realised she couldn't kill Lex. Plus, it's a good thing that she isn't capable of murder because I'm not a fan of murderers.

I'm unsurprised that Lex has no intention of hurting her (hell, I wrote it into my 5 times Lana got laid fic) and will help her get her life back without any apparent strings attached. I believe that Lex does love Lana enough to do that, and I also think that he's ready to move on to--or rather, back to--obsessing over a more non-human variety of hotass. (The Lana clone thing totally took me by surprise though. LEX IS BATSHIT.)

That new creepy bad guy seems to know a lot about Kryptonian knick knacks doesn't he. He worries me.
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