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Happiness, Gossip Girl, House, and Batman.

I am such a fan of unlikely friendships/romances. Jennifer Anniston and Orlando Bloom? Awesome! Bradley Cooper and Cameron Diaz? FTW!

I'm in a terribly good mood today. I've taken tomorrow off work so I can sleep in, then lounge about watching "Smallville" and "Reaper" and reading more of literaryll's truly awesome comics collection (more on this later) (ILU Ashley!). Also, Matty is coming back! He is my flatmate Nina's brother and he left a few days ago to stay with other people so he wouldn't be at our place for three weeks, but he's miserable there and he misses us so he's coming back on Saturday. And I couldn't be happier about it! Normally I'm the kind of person who wants guests to fuck off after the proverbial three days, but he's just so LOVELY and everything is better with him around; the atmosphere in the house is so warm and friendly and happyful and he likes to do the same kinds of things as me, i.e. watching tv in pajamas and talking about Batman.


Gossip Girl, 1.03: Poison Ivy

I have been won back! I admit it, I'm getting my period soon, but this episode made me cry several times and I found it to be a splendid and satisfying hour of television.

I am completely in love with Serena. She's tall and foxy and her hair and voice are great, and I find her wonderfully charming and sympathetic and brave.

There were so many cool moments:

- Nate being pretty and thick and a genuinely nice person. It is becoming clearer by the week that he and Dan will soon be BFFs, and I love how he got Dan to take the drinks over to the Dartmouth dude and how Dan was all, "I misjudged you, pretty boy".

- "Because I'm Chuck Bass." (This Chuck is way better than that other stupid Chuck.)

- Serena going up on stage and pretending to be an addict just to protect her adorable little brother.

- Said adorable little brother delivering the ultimate smackdown to Blair, and, quite rightly, making her realise that she went so far over the line the line is a dot to her.

- The look Dan got in his eyes when he discovered how awesome Serena really is, then running after her to both apologise for being a judgemental jerk and offer his friendship to her. And Serena's gracious response, which revealed her to be a kind and vulnerable yet strong person (I LOVE HER SO HARD).

- Blair and Serena hooking up at the end and Blair reading the letter she wrote and never sent out loud to Serena and okay yes, I was already in tears by then, but Leighton Meeser's delivery in that scene made me SOB. She's a good little actress. And Serena's explanation for why she hadn't been in touch really moved me too: she couldn't face her after what she had done. OH GIRLS. *cuddles them*

Then this morning radioreverie enlightened me about the following beautiful factoid:

Melissa: also Chuck clearly has a thing for Nate
Melissa: like a clearly sexual thing
Melissa: he is madly in love
Kate: oh yes.
Kate: I hadn't really thought about that, but now that you point it out it's obvious
Melissa: and fucks girls while he's in the room naked, just so he can imagine the two of them together
Kate: YES
Kate: chuck is evil but very attractive
Melissa: and also clearly overcompensating for secretly being the gayest man in NYC
Kate: yes!
Melissa: he's such a BITCH
Melissa: he even CALLED himself a bitch
Melissa: and wears scarves
Melissa: and is more gossipy than Blair
Kate: he's SO GAY
Kate: how had I not noticed this?
Melissa: and acts like the fag to her fag hag
Melissa: at her beck and call

Brilliant. Do you think anyone is going to write Chuck/Nate porn any time soon?


House, 4.02: The Right Stuff

I loved it! Last night was clearly the night when no TV was going to disappoint me. I'm delighted that they're both replacing the old team but keeping them in the show anyway. I think that's COOL. I am also a massive fan of Kal Penn, mostly because he was in "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" which I found hilarious, and he is basically just funny and awesome and will be House's best ever employee. I'm not sure about the rest of the new team yet, but hey, way to shake up the formula, "House MD". Respect!


Bruce Wayne: Murderer?

Holy crap. I had to force myself to put this down last night (I'm about halfway through) so I could, you know, sleep. But it's killing me (in a good way). It is very hard for me to see Bruce in prison and suffering and being accused of murder. Worse, being accused of the murder of *someone he loved*, when he should rightfully be grieving in peace(ish). Oh god, my poor heart. MY POOR BRUCE. *weeps*

Some questions:

- Can someone please explain to me why, at this point in time, Bruce is on the outs with Tim and Alfred?

- I really love Batgirl; she fascinates me. Please feel free to give me a more detailed history of this character. I know she was raised to be an assassin and doesn't talk much, and apparently didn't know Batman's real identity (until now omg!).

- Dinah is Black Canary, yes? And she is Babs's best friend, yes? And she doesn't know that Batman is Bruce Wayne, right? I sort of figured most other superheroes know who Bats is, but clearly I am wrong. A list of who knows Bruce's identity would be appreciated. TY!
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