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Best comics ever! / SV / House, 4.01: Alone

I worked a six day week last week (unheard of!) so had yesterday off, and despite still being hungover from Saturday night (I think I poisoned myself), had a great day. I sat on my armchair under a duvet and watched Pretty in Pink and read comics. I’m now up to about #21 of Gotham Knights, and I’m not sure I can quite express myself properly, but I will try.

Dear Devin Grayson,


Love from your slave forever,


Basically what this series is about is how Dick and Bruce love each other till the end of time. I cried a number of times yesterday over their epic romance because Devin is the best writer ever and has a brilliant understanding of how gay comics should be.


My workmate Alex bought this coffee from Selfridges called Civet Coffee. Apparently the coffee beans are eaten by weasels in Indonesia then picked out of their poo. She just told me this and I stared at her for a long time then asked, "... ... Why?"

She does not know.


Smallville/DC question:

So, Matty asked me the other day if Bruce Wayne had turned up in Smallville yet and I was like, "No, that will never happen."

But WHY? Is there a chance that they could bring Bruce into SV? And if not, why not? How come you never get Superman and Batman in the same movie? They never even mention each other in the movies, but in comics they're basically best pals. So what's the deal? How come they can bring in the Flash and Green Arrow but not Bruce? Are they afraid he will upstage Clark or is it a legal thing?


House, 4.10: Alone

So, I am unspoiled right, but it's very interesting to me that we didn't get so much as a glimpse of Foreman, Cameron or Chase, and that we ended the episode with House finally giving in, realising he needs a new team and getting the interview process started. How very exciting!

It would be incredibly audacious to just replace fifty percent of the cast, although the actors names are still in the credits so I *guess* they're going to find a way to bring them back... Honestly not sure how they can do that convincingly though.

Anyway, I liked the episode a lot. Wilson was very amusing and Cuddy looked hot.
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