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Smallville, 7.01: Bizarro


What I loved most about this episode was how it looked. Watching Smallville always reminds me that it has more visual flair than almost everything else on television.

Plus, two Clarks! One good, one bad, both hotter than fire.

Things I liked:

- The Clarks, naturally. Bizarro's voice, at that sultry lower register, was delectable, and even though sv!Bizarro is not quite as amusing and weird as comics!Bizarro, I'm glad he talked normally and was sexy, because we got the hot ass-grabbing scene with Lois, and the Very Very gay Lexarro scene where he's all "Let's be life partners and kill the only thing standing in the way of our happiness: Boring!Clark." And then Lex goes, "No! I love Boring!Clark and always have done! I will not help you, even though you are gorgeous and your offer intrigues me."

- Lois being funny and awesome.

- Lana. I watched this with Matt (flatmate's bro) and near the end I was all "WHERE'S LANA." And he's like, "She'll turn up in the last two minutes." And I go, "THERE SHE IS. And she looks HOT." *rejoices* (Yeah I know. I don't give a fuck if you still hate her, I fucking LOVE her and I'm glad she's alive.)

- Supergirl. She didn't say a word, no, but every time she was on screen I was all, "OOOOOOOH." And then I would clap like a seal when she did something cool.

- The special effects. I loved the Bizarro face stuff and all the flying and basically just everything.

- Clark using the power of the sun to defeat Bizzaro.

Things I didn't care for:

- The actual story. Seen it all before and it goes like this:
  • Big Disaster.
  • Major character death but oh! Not really! (If Lionel's really dead I will be both surprised and very annoyed. Lionel cannot die like that.)
  • Clark, with the help of Chloe and a wise father-figure type, figures out how to beat the bad guy and saves the day.
  • Clark has an existential crisis, which is, as ever: "It's hard to be an alien."

  • But OH. I am so happy to see Smallville again. It's beautiful and dumb and I love it to bits.
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