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Boredom and Gossip Girl.


I now have Smallville on my flash disc, ready to be watched as soon as I get home from work. Work, however, is dragging. No one is online to chat to. My flist is full of SV posts that I can't read. And THEN, I started a scrabble game with Bly (who is MIA) and got no vowels. What the fuck.


I watched episode 2 of Gossip Girl last night, and while I still find it enjoyable, the main storyline left me in a flithy mood.

If I never have to see a storyline again where the supposedly "nice" guy decides he's too good for a girl (who has been *nothing but lovely to him*) because he finds out she had sex with someone before him, it will be too soon. The fact that the person she slept with (a good year before her dates with Mr Nice) happened to be the boyfriend of her best friend does not make his diss of her any more acceptable. Dumping her--cruelly too: in front of her friends just to amp up the humiliation factor--because she's apparently Not Perfect (because decent girls should be virgins until they fall in love with a Nice Guy and they should not have sex drives and they should not ever make mistakes and if they do then it's perfectly reasonable to make them feel as though they are pure evil), and we're supposed to sympathise with him? Uh no. He is a big jerk.

It's one thing to have the Mean characters calling Serena a whore, but when the writers seem to actually agree with those charaters (oh, she might not be a whore ANYMORE but she sure used to be! The reason we're allowed to be on her side *now* is because she's "trying to change") I'm going to be annoyed.
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