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Smallville Wish List plus Fan Movies

I have almost no expectations for season 7. It's not that I don't care (because I know I will once it starts again), it's that I know caring too much is fruitless; SV will never do exactly what I want it to do and it will never live up to its potential, but what it *will* do is deliver on the pretty and the sexy and the gay and the fun. And despite its flaws, it's still a show about two three of pop culture's most iconic characters. You can't say that about much else on telly.

Here is my deep and meaningful wish list:

  1. Clark should have sex.
  2. Lex should not be fat.
  3. Lois should wear a bikini.
  4. Lana should get a storyline that’s not about her boyfriend/husband/witchcraft.
  5. Lionel should die.
  6. Clark should reveal a hidden talent for journalism.
  7. Lex should be evil and cool and smart and not lame.
  8. Chloe should die.
  9. Clark and Lois should share lots of screen time.
  10. Clark and Lex should do some comedy scenes together.


My flatmate's brother is over from Australia at the moment and staying with us and he happens to be a comic book nut (we have a shopping date for a week on Saturday and he's going to advise me on what to buy. :-B) and then last night he's telling me about these fan-made Batman movies that you can watch on Youtube.

Do you guys know about these?! Because we watched five or six and some of them are pretty fucking good!

My favourite was Grayson, which is done like a film trailer and it's so cool you will want it to be made into an actual real movie. In it, Dick is older and has given up crimefighting and has a wife and children, but then Batman is killed, so Dick gets back into training and being a detective so he can find the killer. (The guy playing Dick is almost hot enough too; his body is NICE.) It's such a *great* idea for a movie, and really, there should be more movies about how sexy and wonderful Dick Grayson is. And then in the end (of the real movie that they should make) it can all be a dream or something, because Batman is not allowed to die.

I had NO IDEA people DID this. Like, that's fanboying taken to a whole other (lame but) awesome level! There are some really *really* tragic fan movies out there, but some of them are amazing!

I can also recommend Batman Legends (it's got Nightwing and Tim in it!) and Batman Dead End, where Bats fights Alien and Predator!
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