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I have a lump in my throat for no reason.

Bopster! I spent the vouchers you got me on comics (that literaryll told me to get), just as you suggested. WOOT.

I was meant to get a webcam, but I will do that next week instead.


I feel so sorry for Britney Spears.


Smallville starts this week! EEP!

I don't really know what to say about that except that I am unspoiled and nervous, but looking forward to seeing Tom Welling again. I hope that the show makes me want to write fic, because I haven't felt inspired to write for months. I am trying to write my character study but so far it is lame. *frowns* I feel out of practice and like I suck a lot, but maybe every writer goes through that on occasion.

How about, if you want, you comment with a pairing and a prompt (from any fandom you know I'm familiar with) and I will try to write a snippet for you. (Don't be surprised if I don't though because I may have forgotten how.)
Tags: celebrities, tv: smallville, writing
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