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GIP. I made myself a Bruce/Dick OTP icon. *laughs and laughs forever*

The original panel it comes from has to be seen to be believed and adored. Every time I think about it I laugh and feel pleased with the world. LOOK HOW HAPPY BRUCE IS:

I've seen quite a few things recently, but I'll try to keep my comments on them brief:

1. Conspiracy

Most chilling drama ever. Highly recommended.

2. Batman Begins

Yeah, I bought it, because now that I'm into comics I figured I would like it more than I did the first time, especially because all the comics fans I know love it. How wrong I was! As in, I was right the first time. It's a terrible movie, and I blame Christopher Nolan almost entirely for this, because he is a shitty director, and I am sad he is directing the next film in the series. I would prefer it to go to a director with some style (and maybe a sense of humour), like the Wachowski Brothers or Robet Rodriguez or Guillermo del Toro.

Casting: Some of it I like, some I don't. Christian Bale really is very very good, and while I will never picture him as Bruce or Batman when I read fanfic or comics, I've come around to him in the role. Gary Oldman is freaking *perfect* as Jim Gordon, and Morgan Freeman makes a great Lucius Fox. Michael Cain as Alfred? Doesn't work for me. And I cannot stress enough how much I hate Liam Neeson (the guy hasn't a speck of charisma) so his presence in the film was (yet again) a problem for me.

The story itself is all exposition for a good half of the movie, and while that can be done effectively (see the first half of Sam Raimi's "Spiderman"), Nolan doesn't have the skill to make that part of Bruce's journey exciting, suspenseful, or even interesting. There's no sense of momentum building, no genuine emotions to connect to: we're *told* Bruce is suffering, but we don't really *feel* it.

Things become more entertaining when Scarecrow turns up, and that's because Cillian Murphy is utterly brilliant (a far, far better villain than Ducard), but even then the film feels choppy and unsure of what story it's trying to tell.

Sorry BB fans! I remain immune.

3. Gossip Girl

LOVED IT. Pure unadulterated entertainment. It's visually stunning, the cast is *exceptionally* hot, it's fun and daft and exciting and I am madly in love with Rufus already (he's the hot rockstar dad). Favourite pilot this year by far.

4. Last Tango In Paris

I've been meaning to see this for decades and it was on sale at HMV for £3 (which is cheaper than renting a movie) so I bought it. It is not very good.
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