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Pretty girls and sexy crims.

Do you know people in fandom who absolutely fill you with rage every time you see them getting on their soap box about something? Just because they're completely crazy and delusional to the point of offensiveness? Yeah, me too.


On a brighter note! Please go take part in bop_radar's Character Study Challenge. The prompts have been posted and there are some great ones in there. I've already decided the one I will be using. Now I just need to get off my ass and write something. WHOO!


Thank you for my bday card, romanyg! It actually made me cry with laughter. ♥


Anyone doubting the supremely luscious hotness of Erica Durance, needs to look at these photos (from Maxim) right now:


She is so effortlessly beautiful. I love her hair and eyebrows in this shoot.

I will never understand why so many fans are so resentful of such a babe.


Prison Break starts tonight! I wasn't looking forward to it until I saw the giant billboard opposite my tube station, and it's of Michael and Mahone (and two others; can't recall who. Didn't care!) looking sexy in the new prison. THEY ARE ON THE SAME SIDE. I may be keeping my expectations as low as possible when it comes to PB these days, because I really did get sick of it last season, but it's nice to discover that the prospect of lots of scenes with Michael and Mahone flirting with each other working together still makes me all hot and wobbly. Now, do I download the torrent or watch it on Sky next Monday?

Should I care about keeping up with the yanks?

Yes. Download the torrent tomorrow.
Wait a week, dorkface.
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