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parties & faking it

It's muggy today. I'm glad we're having a heatwave in London because it's my birthday next week and tomorrow I'm having a birthday party. I have the pre-party jitters at the moment. You know, the whole WHAT IF NO ONE SHOWS UP shit that I go through every single year.


It's nice to see fandom emotional about something new, don't you think?

Although I'm glad I don't care enough to get upset myself.

I do wonder though why so many people think that making out with someone of the same sex is (necessarily) "faking" being gay. I'm straight but I've had plenty of "gay" experiences in my life and it was never about pretending to be a lesbian. It was about fun and sometimes it was really sexy and sometimes it was about affection and closeness and other times it was about curiosity, and mostly it was about being drunk and horny and open minded. To believe that people who identify as heterosexual can only possibly have one reason for fooling around with someone of the same sex is just plain wrong (not immoral, but incorrect).
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