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Batman and Tim; Brian; Gossip; House, 3.24

Dearest literaryll,

The first package arrived!


I read the Batman Detective comics last night, where Tim is dreaming about being allowed to be Robin and then his parents get kidnapped. I seriously did not see that ending coming at all. Poor Tim. Poor Bruce.



Anyway, I see now why Tim is so universally loved. He's a *clever* woobie. ♥


Does anyone ever find themselves watching that show "What About Brian" (the cast is pretty which always makes me think I'm going to enjoy it more than I ever do) and just *hating* everyone in it? Like, how is it possible for a show to be populated entirely with characters who are utter cunts? Who all love themselves waaaaaay too much? It's almost spooky.



- Owen Wilson never really struck me as the suicidal type. :( Let's just hope it was a cry for attention rather than a serious attempt, and that his next movie is a big hit.

- It wouldn't surprise me if Britney and Kev were child abusers. They have that Child Abusing look about them, if you know what I mean.


House MD, 3.24: Human Error

Okay, I know this show well enough to know that they're not just going to replace fifty percent of the cast next season. I predict one episode of House being without his team, a bunch of contrived reasons for them all to return, then business as usual from episode 2 onwards.

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