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My chest infection came back on the weekend. Nina says it’s a physical response to emotional trauma, but she believes in astrology so I don’t quite know what to make of that.

I made myself a new banner for my LJ if anyone cares.

I’ve not been too inclined to post recently. I feel a bit alienated from fandom at the moment even though I’m feeling more fannish than ever. I have a new obsession (comics and DCU PORN) so I’m reading more fanfic now than I have in months, and I’m still a dedicated TV watcher. So where has my mojo gone?


I finished season 2 of Deadwood this weekend.

I won’t lie to you. I have no fucking clue what’s going on most of the time, but I find it compelling television nonetheless. Ian McShane is entirely captivating as Al Swearengen, and it’s superbly written. There’s certainly nothing else like it on television, so even if it’s incomprehensible, the language is so poetic and brutal and unreal it’s almost hypnotising. If anyone else watches it and has dug the slashy vibe between Al and Seth, I actually have a wonderful story to recommend: Thy Best, Thy Heavenly Friend, by somniesperus. She nails the dialogue and her characterisation is perfect--no small feat--and she even manages to make the sex believable.

The other show I’ve been watching is Roswell (s1). It’s soooooo baaaaaaad. I’m shamefully addicted, of course, even though I pretty much hate everyone in it. Max and Liz: *STABS THEM TO DEATH*

It will be good when hiatus is over. I miss Smallville. I am looking forward to it getting on my nerves and making me angry. That’s how much I miss it. I just hope Lex isn’t too fat.

What are you guys looking forward to the most? Everyone who says Supernatural or Heroes loses points.

PS. Does anyone have a copy of the last episode of House s3 they could upload for me? Please? I will reward you with rewards if you help me. I stupidly missed it on TV last Thursday and cannot seem to find it anywhere.
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