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An ex booty call of mine emailed me today (in response to my birthday party invitation) saying that he no longer lives in London and is expecting a baby in four weeks.


I can't remember if we flinged (flung?) last year or the year before. It feels like it was years ago, but when I think about it closely it seems more likely that it was only last year. I DO NOT KNOW. Either way, I feel like I need to get laid soon.


My colleague's shitheel of a husband has been cheating on her for about three years, and while she has suspected for a while, it was confirmed yesterday. The cunt has so little respect for her (despite her being the mother of his two small children) he isn't even sorry. He blames HER for his cheating. And her confidence is at such an all time low she would probably take him back if he wanted to. UGH. I would really like to kick him in the nuts right this second. I just hope she stops being upset soon and starts getting mad. Then I hope she takes him for every fucking penny he's got. She'll probably go back to Hong Kong, which means the kids won't see their dad very often but it sounds like he cares more about himself than he does about them anyway.


Fallout Boy sucks ass. So does My Chemical Romance. FYI.


rivkat has written a long (7 parts!), plotty, extremely hot and sexy Clex story, called Useful Arts. I KNOW! She posted part 1 yesterday and part 2 today (which I am just about to read) and you should all go read it this instant.

Also, I read the most amazing Bruce/Dick AU yesterday: Hanging Work, by cereta. Dick is found (living on the streets) and raised by Selina Kyle instead of Bruce, so when Dick and Bruce meet they're on opposite sides of the law. It has an amazing plot and is heartwrenchingly romantic (and super sexy, of course), and I highly recommend it to everyone, even if this isn't a pairing that would normally interest you.


If I loved Dick Grayson any harder I would probably pass out.
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