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10 things that are making me happy.

1. I'm going to The Bourne Ultimatum tonight.

2. Sorry, people who went to GJ, but this is making me laugh my ass off. Maybe insanejournal's customer service will stay perfect? *crosses fingers for migrators*

3. MsScribe finally defended herself! And she did such a good job. After reading that I feel awful for ever thinking she was a complete and utter twat with mental problems.

4. Bruce/Dick. Yesterday I saw a friend saying how much she hated Bruce/Dick because it was just WRONG, and I giggled, because YES! Sooooooo. Very. Wrong. But totally believable, IMO. *nods*

5. My new Spider-man icons.

6. This icon, which I'll probably never use, because I'm far too polite, but which I like a lot anyway:

7. This cat macro:

8. After the movies, we will all go and get drunk and that will be fun.

9. Shoot. I can't think of anything else right now. I guess I'm happy that it's Friday and that I have nothing to do tomorrow except watch tv and read comics and porn. I might even try to write more of that girl!Lex fic, which has the potential to be hot if I can be bothered sticking with it.


What's making you happy today?
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