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Hush!! (volume 2)

I was up till one in the morning because I had to finish “Hush”, which is now officially my favourite comic book so far. I AM SO TIRED TODAY BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.

I am going to cut my reactions, because you might want to skip them if you haven’t read the book and anyway, mostly it will be incoherent flailing, abuse of capslock, and me saying stuff like: I LOVE BRUCE AND DICK SO MUCH *cries* etc etc.

- This book has everything in it. All the best baddies, Bruce and Selina making out and being romantic and sexy with each other, Dick and Tim, Babs, an incredible, heart-wrenching story, beautiful art, Bruce being amazing, Dick being amazing, Tim being gay. EVERYTHING.

- It’s possible I missed something important because it was late and my eyes were blurring, but did Bruce not actually fuck Selina in the end? WHY BRUCE WHY? She’s so foxy and she LOVES you. (In current canon is Selina a goodie now? That would please me because she’s one of my favourite characters so far.) Also, new catsuit: MROWR. (I can't believe he told her. That really moved me a lot.)

- That scene where Batman nearly killed the Joker was incredibly tense. I knew he wouldn’t, because he would never kill anyone, but he was so close to it my heart was racing.

- The scenes with Batman and Nightwing… uh…
I might have been sobbing my eyes out whilst reading them.

Maybe. But! In my defence, it’s because they love each other so much and they mean more to each other than anyone else does and. I have to stop talking about it because I’ll just cry again. Sorry.

- I got to see Tim being Robin with Batman! He really doesn’t like Catwoman does he, and I take it that’s because he’s gay? Yes.

- Bruce loves his family deeply and I loved him talking about Babs and all his Robins (TOY WONDERS!) and how hard it was when Dick grew out of being Robin and became Nightwing, but it had to happen because Dick is so beautiful talented he needs to be centre stage. HE LOVES DICK THE BEST. Also, he will never forgive himself for Jason’s death and he actually SAYS that he loved Jason. *CRIES* Then he goes on about how great Tim is and how great Babs is, and how LUCKY HE IS TO HAVE THEM.

- Does anyone else cry over comic books or is there something wrong with me?

Bruce really needs to get laid, and it’s not like there’s a shortage of willing suitors, so I’m not sure what his problem is: he could have anyone he wants! Including (and especially) Dick. Hell, he can have me.

If you could blow any comic book character who would you blow and why? I pick Bruce, because, well, I love him and he's sexy as fuck, but also, it would be an awesome feeling to distract him--even if only for a little while--from his mission. And to make him moan. I would even swallow for Bruce! /tmi


One thing I love about facebook is that friends of mine put up photos of me that I would never have otherwise seen. Here is one of me (on the right), Christiaan and Anna at the Coliseum a few years ago. :)

ETA. Anna just pointed out to me that Christiaan is flipping the bird at us all in this photo, which I had not previously noticed. HAHAHAHA. I think I love the photo even more now.
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