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let's talk about sex. (maybe.)

Regarding yesterday’s poll I am pleased to report that one hundred percent of you agree that Bruce Wayne/Batman is a total hotass.

I’ve decided that hiatus is a good time to do the following: be wanky and/or discover a new fandom. *cuddles DCU*

It’ll be weird when television starts up again in the fall. I am looking forward to it but am also daunted: I already watch a lot of shows and I know I’ll at least be giving “Pushing Daisies” and “Reaper” a chance (I liked Reaper!--can I say that publicly?--it was extremely amusing.) and then there’s the show with the porn in it (“Tell Me You Love Me”) which I’ll obviously be trying out. Plus whatever else people rave about.

The only show I’m definitely giving up is “Heroes”, although “Prison Break” will have to really hit it out of the park if it’s to keep me interested. And what I mean by that is: Michael and Mahone will need to become friends and/or partners and/or fuck buddies. Mahone needs to definitely stay on the show at any rate, and get lots and lots of screen-time. I’m tired of the formula. Because the formula is TIRING. I’d like to see them do a few episodes that aren’t: Michael gets into trouble-Michael gets out of trouble-ad infinitum. If PB didn’t rely so much on its formula it would be a far better show IMO.

I may also give up “Dexter”. We’ll have to see about that. The first two eps were okay but it’s not a show that exactly fills me with joy, and the voiceover still annoys the crap out of me. Plus, I already miss the bro-yay. “Smallville”, “House”, “The L Word”, “The Wire” and “BSG” are all staying, although I guess only SV, House and BSG are starting in autumn? I can never remember these things.

Wow this post is boring. *loses*

Current favourite porny word anyone? Mine is "penis".
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