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A Fannish-themed Update

Does anyone know why my keyboard no longer does what it's supposed to? The " is in the place the @ is supposed to be and vice versa. Along with a number of other things. It was not like this yesterday so I figure I must have hit something accidentally but I don't know how to get it back to normal. PLZ HELP.

I've had a blissfully antisocial weekend doing the following:

1. Watching films!

I did something I don't normally do and bought four movies off a Chinese guy at the pub on Friday night: Die Hard 4, Transformers, Knocked Up and Hairspray (the only one I haven't watched yet).

"Knocked Up" made me all kinds of happy: it felt true, and it was genuinely funny, smart, charming, and satisfying. "Transformers" I wish I'd seen at the cinema because it looked like it would have been spectacular on the big screen. It was good for about half of it I thought, then pretty much a snoozefest of CGI action sequences for the second.

"Live Free Die Hard" ROCKED FOREVER. I loved every exhilarating second of it. Far far better than the second and third instalments in the series, and while not quite as perfect as the first movie, definitely one of the most entertaining action films I've seen in the last few years.

2. Porn!

I've been reading quite a lot of Bruce/Dick porn. Thanks to petronelle--and her astonishing story No less than life (it's chan, so won't be for everyone. Read the warnings if you're worried), which is 97 pages of intensely erotic, thinky, disturbing, beautifully written porn--Dick/Bruce is my new favourite pairing. I love Dick passionately, and I think I will pretty much like any pairing that involves Bruce, because GUH. That said, I tend to avoid Bruce/Clark because of Clex, which, yknow...but Bruce with Dick (and I'm sure the other Robins, although so far I've only read Batman comics that feature Dick, so I haven't formed an interest in reading the other pairings yet. But I'll get there. GOD IT'S SO DAUNTING THERE'S SO MUCH TO LEARN.) is so fucking hot and wrong and romantic. I am completely smitten.


Dear literaryll, I love you.

3. Comics. I'm in the middle of Ultimate Spiderman, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. Thank you miss_tress darling!

4. Talked to my best friend (who's in NZ) on skype for an hour this morning.

5. Finished "Dead Like Me" season 1. I ship Rube/George. *hangs head* But their chemistry! It's so awesome it feels sexual even when it shouldn't.


It's becoming apparent to me that I have a kink for big age differences. Even with Clex (discounting futurefic of course) it *feels* as though Lex is a lot older than he actually is. Lex always seemed like a man in his thirties, even when he was 21. In season one Lex had only been legally allowed to drink alcohol since his last birthday! Which is really not how we (fandom) have ever treated the character. Also, Clark looked older than fifteen but always came across as so innocent and naive (and begging to be corrupted) that he really did seem like a 15 year old kid. God they're a hot pairing.


I'm such a dork. I'm going to party a lot next weekend I think, to make up for it. Starting with "The Bourne Ultimatum" on Friday! Which I couldn't be more excited about if I tried.

Oh, and in case any of you were wondering, after a supremely tense battle, blythely and I's game of scrabble ended in a draw. It's a game I shall never forget. *sheds a single tear*
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