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I’ve been quiet lately, I know. Mostly because fandom has been driving me mad, but today I will be posting about things I love.

You may not be aware of this but it’s International Blog Against Racism Week this week. I posted more serious thoughts on the subject last week, so instead of doing that again today, I am going to do as rydra_wong suggests, and squee about a few of my favourite Characters of Colour.

I have to start with “The Wire”, naturally, because this extraordinary, groundbreaking, critically acclaimed show has an enormous cast, most of whom are CoCs (which I guess should be CsoC, but that looks dumb and you know what I mean anyway).

Number 1, for me, is the delectable Stringer Bell, played by premium hotass, Idris Elba.

He’s one of the most powerful criminals in Baltimore, but there’s so much more to him than the fact that he made his name in the drug trade. He’s a complex man who’s much more intelligent (and cultured) than most of his peers; he grew up on the street, so in many ways he didn’t have much of a choice but to pursue a life of crime. It’s all he knew, and you better believe it that he’ll be ruthless and cruel and homicidal when he feels he has to be. But he also wants to go legit. He does have respect for life. He wants money and power and he often doesn’t mind how he gets it, but his heart isn’t in “the game”.

Um, best of all, he’s one of the most attractive men in the entire world. Yes. There’s a sex scene in season two which you have to see, seriously. I mean, it’s mostly just him making out with this girl and unzipping her hoodie, but I nearly combusted when I first saw it (and then again when I rewatched. And again. And you get the picture. Also, I have high standards when it comes to erotic material, so TRUST ME ON THIS ONE). I can’t keep going on about how good this show is and how hot Stringer is though, because you should all know by now. So instead I will rave about…

OMAR, played by Michael Kenneth Williams.

He’s a criminal of sorts. I mean, it’s practically not even a crime what he does! He walks around with a sawn off shotgun, and everyone is scared of him, and he *robs drug dealers*. HAHAHA. Also, he’s gay, and he loves his boys and his crew and his grandmother, and he has a code, and morals, and the cops he’s worked with think he’s awesome because he’s the best witness to put on the stand ever, because he isn’t scared of ANYONE. Omar is one of the best characters of all time, and everyone who watches "The Wire" loves him. *nods*

They are my two faves, but I don’t want to neglect the coppers in The Wire, who also rock hardcore: Kima (Sonja Sohn), the gorgeous, kickass lesbian; Lester (Clarke Peters), the wise old genius; Bunk (Wendell Pierce), the hilarious alcoholic fatty; Cedric “the Honourable” Daniels (Lance Reddick)... THE LIST GOES ON AND ON AND ON. Wonderfully written, complex, interesting, likeable, unlikeable, realistic, unique, appealing, scary, gorgeous, funny, cool, tragic, you name it, The Wire’s got it covered when it comes to CoCs. And it’s one of the reasons I love the show as much as I do.


Some of the beautiful, flawed, fascinating women in "The L Word":

Pam Grier (Kit Porter)

Jennifer Beals (Bette Porter)

Janina Gavankar (Eva 'Papi' Torres)

The incredible, heroic C Note, from "Prison Break":

I could go on but I should probably try to do some work this afternoon. *kicks work*

Please come squee with me! Here. In your own journal. Wherever! Posting pics is encouraged, and for once in our lives, in this week of all weeks, let's ignore the white characters.
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